The 10 Surprising Habits of a Lonely Person You Need to Know!

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Lesser-Known Habits of Lonely People

“The eternal solitude of the human soul is the most haunting thing in the world” – Vachel Lindsay

Being a lonely soul might be a blessing and a curse at the same time. When you spend your lonely time wisely, it becomes a time of healthy introspection, but when you spend your time wallowing in your despair, loneliness becomes a curse. Loneliness is a universal experience that often hides in plain sight.

While some signs of loneliness can be too apparent, some subtle traits and habits do exist that we might not be as well versed in reading.

If you’ve ever felt like your cheerful attitude is typically a guise for the emptiness in your heart or if you feel disconnected from others even when your dearest ones surround you, then these signs might be some lesser-known signs of loneliness or habits of lonely people.

Are you a lonely soul, then? Do you resonate with the habits of a lonely person? Let’s find that out in this article.

Common Signs of Loneliness to Watch Out

Before I explain the habits of lonely people, I want you to understand the most common signs of loneliness that we all need to watch out for;

  • Excessive social media use can indicate a desire for connection. You might be using these platforms to gain a sense of companionship, even virtually.
  • Excessive TV watching can also be a sign that you are looking to escape your loneliness and isolation. Binge-watching your favorite TV shows or spending hours playing video games might offer a reprieve from loneliness, but it’s not a long-term solution.
  • Overworking yourself to the bone to distract yourself from feelings of loneliness can also be a sign you shouldn’t ignore. Long hours at work and staying busy even when you have time off can be a substitute for social interactions, creating a sense of productivity. But is it?
  • Overeating or undereating can also be signs of loneliness and eventual depression. Loneliness can impact your eating habits, so if you often find yourself craving comfort foods, overeating, or losing your appetite, then it’s a sign you should not ignore.
  • Obsessively shopping is also a common sign of loneliness and it is believed that retail therapy can even become a common coping mechanism for lonely people. Lonely people look for happiness in material things, wanting to fill the void in their hearts with material comforts.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the habits of a lonely person and what you can do next!

10 Surprising Habits of a Lonely Person!

1. They Look For Perfection

Loneliness can manifest as a pursuit of perfection. A lonely person might set unrealistic standards and expectations for themselves, hoping that meeting these expectations and standards will help them be happy, get companions, and find the approval they crave.

2. They Overanalyze Social Interactions

Lonely people frequently overthink and overanalyze social interactions, replaying conversations in their minds and scrutinizing everything they ever did or said. This habit of a lonely person typically comes from a deep-rooted fear of rejection and high sensitivity to social cues and anxiety.

3. They Are Too Agreeable

Lonely people often avoid conflicts at all costs. They fear that expressing their opinions will drive others away, so they turn to people-pleasing and become too agreeable to maintain connections. This, however, typically leads to lonely people suppressing their true selves.

4. They Daydream a LOT

If you are almost an expert in creating rich fantasies and manifesting daydreams as reality, then it could also be a trait of lonely people. A lonely person daydreams a LOT and creates imaginary situations where they find the connection and understanding that often eludes them in reality.

5. They Apologize Excessively

Loneliness can also lead to an increased need for validation from others. A habit of a lonely person also includes overly apologizing, seeking reassurance from others, and pleasing others out of the fear that any mistake can cause social abandonment and rejection.

6. They Are Always Ready To Help Out

Another habit of a lonely person is that they are always ready to help out others, even if it comes at the expense of their health. They do so in the hopes of creating connections. A lonely person often disguises their loneliness with a cheerful attitude, frequently trying to be the perfect companion to others.

7. They Pretend to Enjoy Being Alone

As a lonely person myself, I can assure you that not having plans on my days off typically increases my anxiety. This is a commonly hidden habit of a lonely person. They constantly worry about being left out, judged, and rejected by others. So, to avoid getting hurt, they pretend to like solitude, even if they are extreme extroverts. Lonely people use introversion as an excuse to hide their loneliness.

8. They Play It Safe by Settling

Another surprising habit of a lonely person is that they often lack healthy confidence and to avoid losing the connections they do have, they play it safe by settling. Even if it is not good for them. This can mean avoiding pursuing a goal to prevent competition, or avoiding pursuing an interest to prevent rejection.

9. They Form Addictions

In the pursuit of overcoming loneliness, lonely people frequently develop secret addictions. When it’s about overcoming loneliness, escaping can come in many forms – alcohol addiction, recreational drug addiction, shopping addiction, or other behavioral addictions.

10. They Overshare

Another habit of a lonely person is oversharing. Lonely people, once given a chance to connect and talk, would overshare. They don’t shy away from sharing personal stories, even with strangers. A lonely person craves closeness, so they would go overboard once they are given the space to share their thoughts and opinions.

What Next?

  • Work on Self-Awareness: Knowing and understanding the lesser-known habits of a lonely person can help you address loneliness. You can focus on self-reflection to identify patterns and triggers so that you can appropriately address them.
  • Reach Out for Support: Loneliness can become worse in isolation. It’s encouraged that you reach out for support from family, friends, support groups, and even mental health counselors. Connecting with others and seeking professional help can offer you a sense of belonging, too.
  • Have Hobbies: You can also find time to engage in hobbies and interests that add to your joy and sense of fulfillment. Activities outside your routine can give you room to explore opportunities for new connections as well.
  • Live With Intention: More than anything, try to live your life with mindfulness and intention. Practice the art of living in the present moment as this can help you manage the anxiety that often comes with loneliness. You can also benefit and get a sense of calm with practices such as mindfulness.

If your loneliness persists and makes it challenging for you to form healthy connections in life, then don’t hesitate to seek professional support.

Wrapping Up…

Loneliness is a complex experience that is often accompanied by surprising habits. Recognizing these habits of a lonely person can help you get the support you need and foster a more connected and kinder society where everyone can thrive. You can address your traits of loneliness by having open conversations, breaking social barriers, and boosting empathy.

I hope this article helped you understand the lesser-known habits of a lonely soul and what to do about them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading this article, then show us your love by giving us a thumbs up!

Take Care!

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