Podcast Ep. 07 – Emotional Intelligence In Everyday Life

Last Update on August 2, 2022 : Published on March 6, 2020

Humans are emotional beings. For every circumstance, we portray an emotion, which is quite normal? In fact, if humans didn’t have emotions, they wouldn’t have been human in the first place. Yet, there are times when we have to have certain control over our emotions. Since an unwanted emotional outburst can be the reason for our downfall.  

 Having said that, with social complexities rising by the day, it is important for someone to manage emotions. First thing first, you must master the art of acknowledging your emotions because only then you can find ways to manage it. 

 If you are wondering how to manage and acknowledge emotions in your day to day life, listen to the podcast from start to end as we will talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in day to day life and ways you can manage it.

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  1. Rhealyn Mugri
    Rhealyn Mugri

    Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in our daily life.

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