Podcast Ep.11 – To Be Or Not To Be Productive During Quarantine Lockdown?

Last Update on August 2, 2022 : Published on April 24, 2020

The world fights the unexpected COVID-19, and we all have our battles going inside our minds. As we have been quarantined to stay indoors, the pressure of being productive is exaggerated by social media. The people are still struggling with maintaining their daily lifestyle with limited means while others are indulged in enjoying this time with their loved ones. Many are taking up to the several challenges of learning new skills and showcasing it online. Yet some are not coping well with it and spiralling down to the mental health problems. You can some of them conceal their anxiety with too much work, and others are drawing back from their favourite activities. 

So the notion of utilizing this time to learn something new isn’t right? Well, yes, as it is not good at the cost of your mental peace. Therefore we talk about the harsh reality of being asked to be productive during quarantine lockdown. We understand that`just by giving up the following trend and compromising our mental health will not help us achieve anything. 


  1. Seema Mathur
    Seema Mathur

    Very relevant and useful

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