Podcast Ep. 24- How To Deal With COVID Anxiety?


When the world is facing the pandemic an alarming rate of increase in mental health issues is being reported. Despite people trying to save themselves from getting the virus, rise in stress and anxiety is seen. The lifestyle changed for most of the people around the world. People are facing numerous challenges in daily life and that has been impacting their mental health. The peace of mind is lost as we constantly hear the negative news.

The worrying for the health of family and friends is keeping people on the edge. Stress caused by the economic struggles are also at a rise. Anxiety induced by various negative thoughts is noticed in all age groups. This is  causing an unhealthy situation for a person which is causing serious issues for some.

If you are also feeling anxious or under stress, listen to our podcast to learn how to deal with COVID anxiety. Staying connected, channeling positive thoughts and gaining balance in life are a few things to keep in mind. We recommend seeking help from medical professionals for mental health issues.

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