Dark Empaths: The Most Dangerous Personality Type

Last Update on June 9, 2022 : Published on June 9, 2022

Even though dark empaths are a new found personality type, there have been a lot of people who identify with dark empaths. Such personality traits were seen in many people but it just wasn’t assigned with a name yet.

Various experts in the field of psychology have argued for years that personalities like psychopaths, narcissistic personalities, etc. do not have even a single empathetic cell in them. Such personality types simply lack empathy, surprisingly Dark Empaths have given personality science a revolutionary turn.

Dark Empaths have dark characteristics as well as empathetic characteristics. Isn’t it hard to believe that someone who is cold and distant in nature can have an empathetic bone in them? When I give dark empaths a deeper thought, most villains in Bollywood films have shown the characteristics of a dark empath. They are shown as rough, harsh, insensitive, cold, and distant with a heart that has empathy.

Want to know more about dark empaths? Here you go;

Explaining Dark Empath Meaning…

Dark empaths are a fairly new found personality type which displays mixed character traits of being cold and compassionate. Having said that, dark empaths are no angels disguised as demons. Dark empaths have all cruel and bad cells in them with just one tiny cell of empathy.

Empathy is of three types;


  • Cognitive empathy : ability to understand someone’s feelings and emotions
  • Emotional empathy: ability to feel someone’s feelings and thoughts
  • Compassionate empathy: the ability to understand and feel someone’s emotions and feelings

Dark Empaths have cognitive empathy in them and it’s up to them how they choose to use what they gain from their ability to understand and recognize someone’s feelings and emotions. In most cases dark empaths use their cognitive empathy to manipulate people.

Understanding Dark Empath Traits And Characteristics

Dark empaths are different from other dark personality types. In fact people even call it the most dangerous personality type. Do you remember the Severus Snape character from the Harry Potter Series? Well, that is a very close depiction of a dark empath.

Let’s look at some traits and characteristics of dark empaths;

  • They do not  enjoy social rewards even though they love getting attention
  • They are inclined towards grandiosity but are also very self-critical about themselves
  • They are emotionally detached
  • They have the ability to attune themselves to others’ emotions and experiences
  • They engage in behaviors like gossiping, bullying, etc.
  • They are great manipulators
  • They use their empathy to take advantage of others
  • They exhibit physical aggression
  • They engage in various manipulation tricks like gaslighting, ghosting, love bombing, etc

5 Signs Of A Dark Empath


Dark empaths have the ability to be pure evil. It is very important to recognize dark empaths around you so that you can stop them from taking advantage of you. Since they have the ability to understand and attune with your emotional state, it is very easy for them to emotionally manipulate us.

The above mentioned traits of dark empaths can help you identify dark empaths around you. Having said that, since dark empaths have a strong manipulation power, they can easily hide their dark empath traits. Therefore, you should also have some knowledge of the signs of dark empaths so that you can club all the information about them to stop dark empaths easily.

Here are 5 signs of a dark empath;

  1. Narcissism: Dark empaths show narcissistic behavior. They tend to feel superior to people around them and often take pride in that.
  2. Social: dark empaths are not the one to socially alienate themselves. They are extroverted in nature and are very sociable.
  3. Make others feel guilty: this is one of the distinct signs of dark empaths. They understand and identify your feelings and have the ability to make you feel guilty of your own feelings.
  4. Malicious: one of the signs of dark empaths is that they are very malicious. They will laugh at others and mock others in order to insult them or make them feel inferior or small.
  5. Enjoy power: dark empaths always enjoy and want power. However they do not like taking up any responsibility or doing any tasks, they just want people around them to know that they are the boss.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about Dark Empaths interesting and informative. Dark empaths can be very harmful, so make sure you keep these signs of dark empaths as well as traits and characteristics of dark empaths in your mind. This will make it very easy for you to spot them.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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