Signs Of Depression In Men: Emotional, Mental, Physical & Behavioral

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Signs Of Depression In Men

Depression is one of the leading mental health conditions which is being faced by mankind. Although according to statistics depression is more in women than men, I assume that’s only because depression in men is not being diagnosed as much!

Signs of depression in men are quite evident but unfortunately those signs are not being considered as symptoms of depression in men. Our society is such that each man is asked to “man up” in situations where they become vulnerable.

Even though the time has now changed and people are more aware of the importance of expressing your emotions, there are so many people who still believe that men don’t cry. Depression may be a mental condition but it has a way of showing in your body, your behaviors and your emotions.

Depression doesn’t Discriminate. It affects all genders equally!

Let’s understand the signs of depression in men in detail so that we can easily identify the condition and help them get the help they need.

What Does Depression Look Like In Men?

Depression affects different people differently. Each one of us will have a different approach to process our depressive phase. Depression in men looks slightly different than that in women. That’s because our approach to certain things in life is different.

Since men (most men) find it difficult to express their emotions (can be because of various reasons) their depression often goes unidentified. Men show symptoms of depression physically. They will have somatic problems or sleep related issues, physical problems like aches, digestion problems, etc.

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To understand depression in men we need to understand the various signs and symptoms of depression in men.

What Are The Signs Of Male Depression?

Depression in men can take many forms. If you are a man who doesn’t shy away from expressing your emotions, depression will be quite visible in your feelings and thoughts. If expressing emotions is not your cup of tea, you’ll need to look for other signs of depression.

The signs of depression in men can be classified into 4 groups

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Behavioral

Let’s look at each category of symptoms of depression in men in detail!

Emotional Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Emotional symptoms of depression  in men and women are not that different. The way one chooses to react is what makes the difference. Being sad is just a part of depression, there are so many other depression induced emotions that a person goes through.

Here’s a list of emotional symptoms of depression which are most common in men;

  • Display of anger, agitation, aggression
  • Withdraw with friends and family emotionally.
  • Experience restlessness and hopelessness
  • Lack of interest in their hobbies, socializing, work
  • There is lack of libido

Mental Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Mental signs of depression in men are actually quite different from women of other genders. Also these symptoms are so generic in nature that they make it even more difficult to detect depression in men.

These symptoms affect a man’s way of thinking, acting and processing any information. This makes it even more important for us to identify mental symptoms of depression in men, these have the most influence.

Here’s a list of mental signs of depression faced by men;

  • Low concentration power
  • Face problem related to memory
  • Experience racing thoughts (at all times)
  • There are suicidal thoughts
  • They show an obsessive compulsive thought pattern
  • Face sleep related issues (usually, lack of good sleep)

Behavioral Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Men do not easily talk about their emotions. In my understanding, our society has created an image for men that every man wants to fit in. And that image does not welcome any vulnerability which makes it even difficult for men to let their pain out.

When depression doesn’t find a way to come out of emotions, it starts to use your behaviors to make its presence count.

Here’s a list of behaviors that indicate depression in men;

  • You can’t take responsibility for your actions and behavior towards your family, friends and even work.
  • You incline towards drug or alcohol misuse/abuse
  • You begin to engage in risk taking activities like rash driving or unsafe sexual activities, etc
  • There can be suicide attempts
  • You might isolate yourself from the rest of the world

Physical Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Depression can quickly manifest in your body. In fact physical symptoms can give away ‘depression’ in men a lot more easily than other symptoms of depression in men. In fact men visit the doctors for their physical symptoms quite more easily than they would for emotion/mental symptoms.

Here’s a list of physical symptoms of depression in men;

  • Experience tightness in the chest
  • Erectile disfunction or other sexual problems
  • Decline in testosterone level
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches and other bodily pains
  • Increased palpitations
  • Changes in weight

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These are all the signs and symptoms that can be present in a man if he is suffering from depression. Depression in men needs to be identified because ‘manning up’ doesn’t cure mental health illnesses.

Let us all make men feel comfortable in their skin, being vulnerable, and being broken. There is a ray of hope, they can get better and it’s each one of our responsibility to make one another feel comfortable in expressing emotions and seeking professional help.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Depression In Men?

Fortunately, mental health interventions have grown immensely over the years and there are an ample number of treatment options for depression in men. Once you meet up with a mental health professional, you can discuss with your therapist which kind of treatment will work for you best.

Here’s a list of most common treatment options of depression in men;

If you or someone you know is going through depression and if I need professional help, we can help you get an appointment with a licensed therapist.

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I hope you found this blog helpful. Try to keep a check on the mental health of men in your life and identify signs of depression in men because the sooner the better.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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