‘My Depression Is Getting Worse. What Can I Do?’ Signs, Prevention Tips, And More

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My Depression Is Getting Worse

Living with depression means having highs and lows. Some days you feel lighter or more like yourself but on the other days, you feel like you’re shouldering the heaviest of the burdens without any hope of feeling good again.

As a fighter and survivor of depression, I can tell you that even today I’m fighting when the bad days come knocking on my door. While my symptoms of depression might look a lot different than yours, doesn’t mean you’re not fighting.

Depression is a condition that can go from bad to worse in no time and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and emotionally drained. It can be bad enough to wonder if these feelings will be permanent.

Getting the right help is important especially when you find yourself wondering, My depression is getting worse”.

Sometimes, your depression getting worse can overpower your life and make you feel out of control. To prevent that from happening, you need to know the signs of your depression getting worse, the reasons behind it, and how to get help if your symptoms of depression is getting worse.

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Signs Your Depression Is Getting Worse

The signs of your depression worsening may not always be obvious as symptoms of depression vary from person to person. Here are some signs that you need to look out for to understand if your depression is getting worse.

1. You Want To Be Alone More

Managing depression can feel intimidating and overwhelming at times as it can drain all of your mental and emotional energy. And once our energy is drained, how can we spend time with others? It’s not just your energy that’s in play though. Depression can make you feel emotionally numb and when you’re unable to feel emotions, socializing can’t be easy.

So if you find yourself isolating more than you normally do, then it’s a sign that your depression is getting worse.

2. Your Anhedonia Feels Permanent

One of the most common symptoms of depression is anhedonia, a condition where you don’t enjoy things you once found enjoyable. When you’re depressed your hobbies and things you did for fun may not seem as appealing as they used to be.

If you find yourself experiencing anhedonia for more than just a few weeks or months and if it begins to feel permanent, then it can be a sign of depression getting worse.

3. Your Mood Keeps Changing

You may notice that your symptoms have been the same for weeks but then you notice that your symptoms seem to worsen in the morning or the evening, then it’s something you need to be aware of.

If you notice your symptoms of depression, as you know it, changing quite frequently and at a particular time of the day, then it can also be a sign of worsening depression.

4. Your Emotional Distress Is Worsening

Depression often accompanies feelings such as sadness, hopelessness, guilt, shame, worthlessness, negative mindset, numbness, catastrophic thinking, and much more. When you notice these signs of emotional distress getting worse, then your depression might be worsening too.

You might notice that you’re becoming more worried about what others think of you, fixating on negative thoughts, feeling like a burden, or having suicidal thoughts then you need to reach out for help immediately.

5. Your Eating And Sleeping Patterns Have Changed, Drastically

Sleep and diet are other common habits that are affected by depression, especially melancholic depression. If you’re facing trouble getting out of bed or seeing noticeable changes in your eating habits, then it can also be a sign of worsening depression.

When it comes to eating habits, you might find yourself eating too much or not eating anything at all. And when it comes to sleeping patterns, you might notice that either you’re exhausted throughout the day and can’t stay awake or that you are having difficulty sleeping at night.

‘Why Is Your Depression Getting Worse?’

Several factors can contribute to your depression getting worse. Sometimes, a particular event may trigger your symptoms, and other times, the cause may not be as evident. Some reasons why your depression is getting worse can be-

1. Your Treatment Is Not Working

Depression can worsen if your existing treatment is not working. The chances of treatment being successful when we talk about severe depression increase when medications and psychotherapy are combined. If your treatment doesn’t combine these two options then you might want to talk to your therapist.

2. You Are Under Too Much Stress

Stress when you’re already struggling with hopelessness, anxiety, and feelings of guilt can also become a major contributor when it comes to your depression getting worse.

If there are other stressors in your life such as a bad breakup, a fight with a loved one, or a loss of a loved one, then the stress from that can even worsen your depression.

3. You Are Dependent On Alcohol

Any dependence on alcohol or other substances can also contribute to your depression getting worse. If you’re using ant unprescribed drugs or alcohol to cope with your symptoms, then you may be unintentionally contributing to your depression.

4. Your Medications Might Be Responsible

Did you know that some antidepressants or other prescribed medications can increase the intensity of depression symptoms? Yes! So if you find your depression getting worse, check your medications and consult with a doctor immediately.

5. You Are Bottling Up Your Emotions

Another big contributor to depression becoming worse can be your bottled-up emotions. When you keep your emotions inside, they fester, and can eventually trigger depression-like feelings. If you’re unable to release emotions stuck in your body, talk to a therapist for help.

What to Do

If your depression is getting worse with time, then there are some steps you can take to control your symptoms from worsening further.

1. Ask For Help

The single best thing you can do when you see your depression worsening is to talk to someone and ask for help. Opening about your depression and its symptoms may not solve your problem but it might give you some relief. This step can also help you understand that you’re not alone.

2. Change Your Lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle can also help you manage your symptoms of depression. Exercises such as yoga, meditation, and practices such as expressive art therapy, acupuncture, and spending time in nature can also help.

3. Change Your Therapy Approach

If your therapy is ineffective in treating your symptoms then you need to be honest with your therapist and let them know. Your therapy approach plays a major role in helping you get better. If your current therapy approach isn’t working or if you’re uncomfortable with it, then talk to your therapist about changing the approach.

4. Reach Out

If your symptoms of depression feel out of control then you need to reach out for help. You can ask your therapist for a last-minute appointment or you can try some healthy coping techniques until you can meet with your therapist.

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If you’re having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, then you need to immediately reach out to your nearest helpline number.

You Can Reach out to These Helpline Numbers:

Living with depression means experiencing both lightness and darkness at the same time. It’s not easy, I get it. Managing depression on your own can be frightening but you don’t have to fight on your own.

When you begin to notice the signs of your depression getting worse, ask for help and control your symptoms from progressing further.

I know that you might feel helpless and hopeless at times and would want to give up but please don’t. While giving up might sound tempting, remember that there’s always hope. You don’t have to feel this way forever. Reach out today!

If you want to understand how deep depression can affect someone and how they fought and survived, read this story.

Care is always available and within your reach. You are not alone in your fight and you always have our support and help. You can reach out to us at info@calmsage.com or drop us a message on our social media.

Always Keep Fighting!

Take Care!

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