10 Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence (EQ) With Tips To Increase EQ

Last Update on April 25, 2022 : Published on October 5, 2021
Signs You Have Low Emotional Intelligence

Are you unable to control your emotions? Or are you the one who can’t accept criticism but is never shy about judging others? These are not bad things per se but these behaviors indicate a low emotional intelligence or low EQ.

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to identify and understand your emotions as well as those of others. Emotional intelligence helps guide your thinking and actions. Low emotional intelligence means being unable to accurately understand emotions.

Many experts believe that EQ is as important as IQ or intelligence quotient when it comes to defining success. Low EQ can negatively impact your overall emotional, mental, as well as physical health along with your various relationships.

Below are 10 signs of low EQ or low emotional intelligence. With tips towards the end on how to increase your emotional intelligence!

Signs Of Low Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence Can Be Improved

1. You Have To Be ‘Right’, Always

One of the signs of low EQ is that you often argue with others until your point is proven right. Whether they be friends, coworkers, family, or even strangers, you’ll argue without listening to others. You can’t agree to disagree and have to be right, always.

2. You Are Unaware Of Others’ Emotions

People with low EQ are not just oblivious to their emotions but also of others. You might come off as genuinely surprised when your boss is angry at you. Apart from this, you may also get irritated easily when people expect you to understand their emotions and feelings.

3. You Come Off As Insensitive At Times

At times, you don’t know what to say and at what time. You’re the one who can be found saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Because of your inability to understand emotions (yourself and others) you have trouble emotionally responding to situations appropriately.

4. You Blame Others For Your Actions

People with low EQ don’t have much insight into how their emotions affect them and others. You often hold others responsible for something that’s your fault. When something goes wrong, you find others to blame rather than accepting your responsibility.

5. You Have Poor Coping Skills

Your lack of ability to cope with emotional situations is another sign of low emotional intelligence. Strong emotions are difficult for you to process and hiding your true emotions can be challenging for you.

6. You Are Prone To Emotional Outbursts

You tend to struggle with controlling your emotions at times and are prone to random emotional outbursts. You might even lash out without understanding the reason for it. Even the smallest inconvenience might set you off.

7. You Struggle In Your Relationships

You struggle with maintaining relationships with others and have very few friends in your life. Relationships require give-and-take, sharing of emotions, and offering compassion along with other skills. People with low EQ typically lack emotional understanding so they might come across as harsh at times.

8. You Tend To Dominate Conversations

People with low EQ tend to dominate conversations and turn the topic towards themselves. Even if you’re asking questions you’ll find a way to bring the focus on yourself. You want everyone’s focus on you when in a conversation.

9. You Have Trouble Understanding Your Emotions

You often face trouble when it comes to understanding your emotions and what are causing these emotions. Because of your lack of understanding, you may come across as unfeeling and rude to others.

10. You Can’t Empathize With Others

If you have a low EQ then you have trouble empathizing with others. You might often say things, unintentionally, to others that might feel insulting. You often fail to understand why people get angry at you and you often speak without thinking first.

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Tips To Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Here are some helpful and practical tips to help you increase your low EQ:

1. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions. If you know your emotions well, you’ll be able to better control them.

2. Try understanding the cause of your emotions. Is it the situation that is causing you to react emotionally or a person?

3. Take responsibility for your actions and emotions, no matter how hard it can be. Once you start this practice, you’ll see a positive change in your life.

4. Try responding rather than reacting. Instead of instinctively reacting, try to take a pause, reflect on your emotions, and then respond.

5. Express your feelings instead of bottling them up. You can try journaling to record how you feel and what emotions you’re experiencing.

6. Practice empathy. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling the way I am?” Begin empathizing with yourself first and then with others.

7. Keep practicing. Learning and nurturing emotional intelligence is an ongoing process. Keep practicing the above steps as much as you can.

If you can’t do these steps on your own, then you can connect with a counselor who can help you learn how to increase your emotional intelligence. You can also connect with us at info@calmsage.com for more!

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Writer’s Thoughts

Low emotional intelligence or low EQ can impact almost every major aspect of your life. Luckily, there are steps you can take to increase your EQ!

Take some time to identify and understand your emotions. This process may take time but is not impossible. With practice, you can learn to nurture your emotional intelligence.

I hope the above signs of low emotional intelligence helped understand your EQ level. Remember, practicing EQ is a forever process. With time, you can improve your emotional intelligence too!

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Take Care!

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