What Is Family Stress Theory & Why Is It important?

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We all face challenges as a family but did you know these challenges could affect our family dynamics? According to Reuben Hill (sociologist) when a family goes through stressful events, it is most likely going to affect the way the family functions as a unit.

This is exactly what Hill states in his family stress theory. The kind of stress and the amount of time a family takes to process that event can directly influence the relationships the family members share.

The overall dynamics of the family are shaken after being in a highly challenging situation. Have you ever experienced it? A simple fight in the family can uproot or deepen bonds in the family. Let’s get a better understanding of Hill’s family stress theory and why is it so important…

The Family Stress Theory Concept


The family stress theory was formulated by Reuben Hill (sociologist) in the year 1949. Hill’s Family stress theory explores the consequences on the family dynamic once a family faces a stressful or traumatic event.

Hill began studying the family dynamic after World War II ended. His specific focus was on how the separation caused by the war and reunification after the war was over affected the family situations.

The war was obviously a stressful situation and during the separation and reunification, Hill spotted a pattern. He states that there are a few factors that affect a family’s ability to cope or consider the situation as a family crisis.

Hill’s Family Stress Theory Model

Hill had an ABC-X model for his family stress theory. There are many variations of the family stress theory but Hill’s theory is the most used, accepted, and understood. He believes that a lot of variables can influence the idea of crisis in a family.

These variables or factors are explained through Hill’s ABC-X model;

A: The Event

In Hill’s family stress theory model, A stands for the event that has taken place. The event has put the family under stress. This event can be of any type ranging from highly stressful to manageably stressful.

B: Resources

The second factor that might affect the way this family interacts with each other and responds to the stress, is the available family resources. These resources act as stress buffers and are denoted by the letter B.

C: Perception

Letter C is representative of the family’s perception of the stressor. There are different kinds of stressors and each one is understood as either dangerous or challenging or a constructive hurdle.

X: Outcome

X stands for the result or outcome/likelihood of a family crisis. All these three factors combined can help us understand whether the family will be able to cope with the stressful event or consider it a family crisis. How A, B & C interact with each other is what determines the family’s fate.

Why Is Family Stress Theory So Important?


The family stress theory basically depends on the interaction between the stressful event, family resources, and the perception of the stressor. When these factors go in different directions, the family is not likely to experience family crises more often. Therefore, it’s important to understand the role each variety plays to strengthen or weaken the family dynamic.

For example, parents know that they are responsible for their children. Sometimes they have to leave their children on their own if the eldest is not able enough to take care of the younger for a time being, or you do not have support from someone else, which means they lack resources. When you lack resources, it can become more stressful. On the other hand, if you had some help, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all.

Getting my point? Family stress is completely dependent on the A, B & C from Hill’s ABC-X model. These three factors can improve or deteriorate family dynamics. They have a direct influence on your response to stress as a family. Therefore, it’s important to know how the family stress theory works. It can help you understand A, B, and C so that X is always in your favor.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about family stress theory helpful, interesting, and thought-provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we all can navigate stress better as a family.

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