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Benefits Of DIY Activities On Your Mental Health

Benefits Of DIY Activities On Your Mental Health

“Craft can be practiced by anyone, regardless of the skill or artistry that has come to be demanded by those who preach craft. Like a good meal, a...
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Activities to Add in Your To-Do List

5 Activities to Add in Your To-Do List For A Longer Life

What activities do you have in your everyday to-do list? Gardening? Taking your dog for a walk? Cooking your favorite meal? Or Listening to your favorite movie? We...
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Feel Proud Of Yourself If You Are Doing These Activities Everyday

Lacking confidence or feeling worthless? Make yourself a priority today and undertake these activities daily! What’s Your Score Card? Effects of depression may have got you to the...
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emotional intelligence

Activities to Improve your Emotional Intelligence | Try Them Now

The notion of Intelligence is no more confined to the concept of the ability to solve problems or do good in academics; it has successfully moved beyond it...
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Lockdown-guide-Thing-to-do-that-will-make-you-happy (1)

COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: List of Activities to Keep You Happy and Engaged

With COVID-19 lockdown setting people in isolation and social-distancing zones we all are looking for ways to keep ourselves busy and distracted. But, amid this chaos, we are...
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Why Teens Seek Therapy

10 Common Reasons Why Teens Seek Therapy (& How It Might Benefit Them)

Raising teens and dealing with their temperament is not easy and can be hard to understand at times. From mood swings and academic problems to self-identity and depression,...
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Types Of Loneliness

The 7 Types Of Loneliness We Should Know About & How To Overcome Them

One of the major challenges we all deal with is loneliness. In this world, even with the connections we have - online and offline - loneliness remains an...
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Why Do You Feel This Way And How To Stop Feeling Empty

“I Feel Empty”: Why Do You Feel This Way And How To Stop Feeling Empty

‘I feel empty inside’ Have you ever had this thought? Felt a void inside you that you don’t know how it came about? This feeling of emptiness inside...
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Bad mental day

Having A BAD Mental Health Day? 7 Self-tried Ways To Beat It

We all experience bad days in our lives and there is no denial or escape from this fact. But have you really found yourself experiencing a bad mental...
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