10 Simple Mindfulness Activities For Kids

Last Update on June 4, 2021 : Published on June 5, 2021
Mindfulness activities for kids

If you are reading this blog then you must already have an idea that mindfulness has the capability to boost the quality of life in many ways and be there in the moment. While you understand different ways to teach mindfulness to your kids at one end, this workbook is also going to tell you some cool and fun mindfulness activities for kids through the worksheet.

Parents and kids, are you ready? Keep your phones aside, switch off the television, relax and come

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 1: Mindful Posing based on superheroes

Bring your kid to a peaceful place like an open terrace, nearby garden or green balcony to perform the activity. Let them try these poses:

The Superman: The kid needs to keep their feet wider than their hips, clench their fists and stretch their arms in the sky. While stretching, the whole idea is to stretch the body as tall as possible.

The Wonder Woman: The kid needs to keep their feet wider than their hips and have to stretch themselves while their hands are placed on the hips.

Let them have fun post practicing these mindful poses and ask them how they feel in this particular moment.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 2: Adventure Safari

This activity will make your everyday walk with kids interesting and very mindful. All you have to do is tell your kid that you are going on a safari walk and they have to notice birds and animals, even the smallest ones. They also shall notice a particular smell and store it in their mind. Now once you are back home, ask your kid to write:

I saw…………………………….

I heard…………………………..

I smelled………………………..

I felt……………………………..

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 3: Creations In Mind

This mindful exercise for kids is very imaginative in itself.

Ask your child which ice creation would they like to imagine right now? Is it an igloo or a reindeer? Once it’s decided, ask your child to build a particular sculpture in mind by breathing in and breathing out. Since the beauty of sculpture draws out with time and patience, allow them to move slowly in their imagination.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 4: Body Scanning

Very easy to teach your children, this mindfulness idea makes them aware of their present body energy instantly.

  • The kid lies down on their back on a comfortable surface like a bed or soft green grass.
  • Tell them to squeeze their body muscles one by one starting from their legs.
  • With this, squeeze fists, arms and other muscles as long as they are hard.
  • Do it for a few seconds and let all the muscles loose.

Ask them how they feel with body scanning and if it helped them to stay active in the present moment.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 5: Slow Motion Snacking

Parents may need to prepare some tasty snacks for the kids but here the kid shall consume snacks slowly while enjoying the taste throughout. Also, they can figure out the ingredients with slow eating and have to tell you about them.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 6: Creating Glitter Jar

  • Find a glass jar or plastic bottle and let your child decorate it the way they want.
  • Now fill it up with water. Give your child glur, glitter and paint colors.
  • They can decorate the jar or bottle, however they like. Now shake the bottle and keep it in your living area as a beautiful mindful effort by the kid.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 7: Do Not Let Balloons Fall

This is a really fun mindfulness activity for kids and they would certainly love it. You can also join in this activity to give them company.

Leave a balloon in the room and let your kid play with it. The only challenge is that the balloon shall not touch the ground for the next 7 minutes. In case the challenge looks easy, put two balloons in the room.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 8: The Surprise Texture Bag

Parents, you need to be a little more creative here. Take a bag and keep different shaped and different textured items in the bag.

The child will reach out to every object and touch them one at a time while describing its texture. He or she cannot see the object unless they finally figured out what it is and how they found it.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 9: Hot Cocoa Breathing

  • Ask your child to pretend that he or she is holding a hot cup of cocoa which smells really great.
  • Now ask them to breathe hot cocoa the with counting of 1,2,3,4,5
  • Now ask them to breathe out slowly, just like blowing off the hot steam coming out of the cup.
  • Repeat the process 4 to 5 times.

Mindfulness Activity For Kids 10: What Does Your Heartbeat Say?

This mindfulness exercise for kids will require them to make some quick movements.

Tell your kid to do some jumping or perform jumping jacks for a minute. Now let them take some rest and ask them to place their hand over their heart. Let them pay close attention to the heartbeat as well as breathing. This allows them to focus on the present moment.


How did you like these mindful practices for kids? Let us know which mindfulness activity was loved by your kid most in the comment section below.

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