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Overwhelmed At Your New Job

Overwhelmed At Your New Job? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Deal With The Stress

Starting a new job? Are you overwhelmed or scared of new job responsibilities? Finding adjusting to your new job difficult? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! If you’ve joined...
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Scientific Health Benefits Of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Scientific Health Benefits Of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mind is a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets - what a wonderful way to explain mindfulness, right? Mindfulness is the state of being...
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The Stress Of Family Conflicts

The Stress Of Family Conflicts: How To Resolve Family Disputes Effectively?

Families stand as backbone for most of us and we feel settled in a comfortable cocoon, tied with love, when with the family members. However, every family faces...
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The Expectation vs reality trap

Expectation v/s Reality: Is The Stress Robbing Your Happiness?

Living in a society full of expectations could be very stressful where people want us to be flawless in our work, act flawlessly with our partners, perform parental...
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Stress Management Activities For Students

10 Effective Stress Management Activities For Students

Are you a student stressed about starting the new semester? Or stressed about the internship you’ve worked hard for? Or about moving to a different city to start...
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slime therapy

Slime Therapy For Stress: How Much Slime Is Too Much Slime?

Whenever you think about slime, which impression does it give you in the first place…sticky, cold, glittery, smooth, and runny? To me, whenever I think about slime, it...
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4 A’s of Stress Management To Cope With Stress

We all experience stress in our lives and we all wish to manage it to the best of our ability. You might have come across various tips, techniques,...
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What Is Psychological Distress

What Is Psychological Distress? | Symptoms & Treatment

“We are never devoid of distresses; our peace of mind depends on our heart’s way of accepting the strife” - Munia Khan When you feel or experience feelings...
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Journaling For Stress Relief

Journaling For Stress Relief: 15 Best Anxiety Journals For You!

“Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” - Corrie Ten Boom Isn’t this quote relatable, though? I’ve always noticed that whenever I...
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