10+ Quick Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

Last Update on January 10, 2023 : Published on January 2, 2023
Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

You’re on your third cup of caffeine while scrolling through your social media but then you realize that something’s amiss. You’re supposed to be working but instead of doing what you’re supposed to, your focus is wandering.

It’s a struggle we all relate to but most of all, people living with ADHD. Now that many of us are working from home, there are distractions everywhere. You might sit at your work desk with the intention of being productive but end up doing mundane tasks instead of being productive at work.

Well, if you ask why? I have a simple answer for you – lack of focus. Because we have too many things going on at the same time, it’s hard to maintain focus. Now, if you’re wondering, “What can I do to boost my focus?” Here are some tips for you!

Don’t worry! These 10+ quick focus exercises for ADHD adults are quite simple and are guaranteed to boost your focus while giving you a sense of accomplishment.

Take a look.

10+ Focus Exercises For ADHD Adults

1. Keep Your Room Door Closed

This I mean, literally. It’s not a metaphor! I know how important it is to keep your home office open and bright and airy, but sometimes it could also take away your focus. Closing your room’s door can tell your brain that you are busy and don’t have the time for mindless distractions.

2. One Task At A Time

Whatever tasks are on your to-do list, make sure you take one task at a time. There are tasks that we studiously avoid completing – either because they are complicated or we’re bored by them. Instead of avoiding those tasks, make sure you take small steps and tackle them one at a time. For more motivation, use some upbeat music and get to work.

3. Try The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro method is a life hack that we all should follow. It involves breaking down your tasks and allowing breaks in between them. It’s a great method to use when you need to boost your focus without medication.

You can use apps too! Download focus timers on your phone that will allow you to stay focused and get less distracted by mindless scrolling on your phone.

3. Switch Between Tasks

Sometimes it can become hard to focus on one task, so to avoid losing focus, switch between tasks. When you get bored with one task, procrastinate (productively!) and switch to another task. You’re just switching between tasks instead of forcing your focus on one. When you do this, procrastination isn’t unhealthy, anymore.

4. Prepare For Obstacles

If you’re prone to losing focus then try this focus exercise. Help your future self. Try to write down any obstacles you think you’ll face that will discourage you from completing your tasks, and then brainstorm (with yourself) on how you can avoid that obstacle. Here’s an example; if social media is an obstacle, then put your phone on airplane mode or add a timer to your apps.

5. Have Quick Movement Sessions

You can try to have quick movement sessions in between your tasks as a focus exercise if you have ADHD. ADHD adults can’t sit still for long periods, so as a focus exercise try to add dancing, walking, jumping, or other movement activities to your schedule. Take frequent 10-minute breaks and have some quick movement sessions.

6. Try Breathing Exercises

When you can’t focus on one thing, anxiety and stress are bound to pop up. To avoid that and further distractions, try breathing exercises. There are many breathing exercises you can do. I love trying 4-7-8 breathing or even box breathing when I’m feeling anxious and can’t focus on a task for a long time.

7. Finish A Task First

Sometimes, you need a push and that push can come in the shape of accomplishment. If you have tasks lined up, then make sure you finish at least one task first.

This will help you gain a sense of accomplishment and give you the flow of work. Now you know you can do it, then what’s stopping you from completing another task?

P.S. It doesn’t have to be an important task, either. Anything mundane that’s already sitting on your list can work as a push.

8. Ask Yourself – Is The Task Meaningful?

If a task is making you feel stressed, then it’s already important, right? But here, we’re not talking about importance, we’re talking about “meaningful”.

Pause and ask yourself – What will I achieve if I complete this task? A sense of accomplishment? Or something else? How will the completion of my work help others? Will it help your teammates’ load lessen? Ask these questions and then see how your focus returns.

9. Use A Countdown Timer

Be a little competitive – with yourself, of course! Try positive encouragement and ask yourself, “Can I complete this task in an hour?” Set a playlist and see if you can finish your task before the playlist runs out. This kind of healthy competition will help boost your focus.

10. Lastly, Be Kind To Yourself

Even if you can’t seem to focus, don’t be unkind to yourself. Instead, encourage yourself as you would a dear friend. Be kind and remind yourself that it’s OK if you couldn’t focus. Today is just one day, tomorrow is another. If not today, then you’ll succeed tomorrow. Keep working on these focus exercises and don’t give up.

focus exercise for adhd adults

Final Thoughts…

Focusing is hard and more so if you have ADHD. Remember that self-blame won’t help you. Even if you lose focus frequently, then try these focus exercises for adults and see if you can boost your focus.

If you can’t focus, it might not be your fault. You might just be overwhelmed or stressed, and you can reduce these feelings by trying some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Just remember to give yourself a break once in a while. And still, if you can’t focus, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

You got this, my friend!

For more, you can write to us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media. You can also share your favorite focus exercises for ADHD (and in general) with us in the comments below.

Take Care!

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