The Rise of The Alpha Female: 10 Traits That Set You Apart!

Last Update on August 28, 2023 : Published on July 20, 2023
Alpha-Female traits

When you hear someone being described as an “Alpha” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A caveman-like personality? An unyielding person? A leader? Whatever comes to mind is almost right! When we talk about the socio-sexual hierarchy, alphas top the list because they are leaders or more like, the powerhouse of the hierarchy.

In my previous articles, I’ve discussed the traits of an alpha male with you, but today, I’ll be discussing the traits of an alpha female! If you are an alpha female, then I hope you’re aware of the confidence you carry, but if you’re not an alpha female (or are a beta female, like me) then this blog will help you understand the traits of alpha females.

This society that we live in loves putting personalities in categories and one such category is what we’re discussing in this blog today. In a social-sexual hierarchy, Alphas are on the top (sharing the spot with Sigmas) followed by Betas, Omegas, and Deltas.

Now, if you’re wondering why we’re talking about alpha female personality traits, then know that identifying personality traits can help you feel valid and understood in a society that places high value on categorizing personalities.

Let’s see if you’re an alpha female! Note the traits if you’re one and let me know in the comments at the end if you agree with them!

Let’s begin.

10 Signs of You are an Alpha Female

  • Who is an Alpha Female?
  • 1. She Is Independent
  • 2. She Knows Her Worth
  • 3. She Stands By Her Beliefs
  • 4. She Brings People Together
  • 5. She Is Resilient
  • 6. She Is Loyal
  • 7. She Is Confident
  • 8. She Does Not Play Games
  • 9. She Is A Leader
  • 10. She Can Walk Away Anytime

Who is an Alpha Female?

In the context of the socio-sexual hierarchy, the alpha female tops the list. She is the woman in your life who’s confident in her skin, emotionally independent, and believes she doesn’t need anyone to make her feel complete. Just like an alpha man, an alpha female is the leader of her pack as she tends to be a natural leader. She knows how to take charge of a situation and while she’s at it, also knows how to inspire others.

Female alphas believe in their ability to lead and are self-assured. Her confidence can be contagious and whatever she does, demands quiet respect. She tends to have high aspirations, determination, resilience, and strength that she is not afraid to lend to others when needed. Despite her “take charge” attitude, when it comes to nurturing relationships, she’s warm, soft, and supportive.

Come forth ladies and let’s take a look at the traits of an alpha female and if you’re one!

Are You an Alpha Female? 10 Traits of an Alpha Female

Now that you know who is an alpha woman, let’s learn the traits of an alpha female;

1. She Is Independent

An Alpha female is independent and believes that she doesn’t need others in her life to make her feel fulfilled or complete. She doesn’t need someone else to validate her existence or motivate her. She might falter some days, but an alpha woman is resilient and is quick to move through setbacks.

2. She Knows Her Worth

One trait that is admirable in an alpha female is that she knows her worth and respect. She does not wait for others to tell her about her self-worth. She knows what to expect from herself and refuses to be a doormat to anyone. She treats everyone with respect and dignity, even if it comes at the cost of her own.

3. She Stands By Her Beliefs

While beta women are likely to stay quietly in the background, alpha females are the ones who don’t shy away from speaking about what she believes in. She will not hesitate to stand by her beliefs even if it makes her a pariah.

4. She Brings People Together

In any social situation, it’s the alpha female who brings people together. She’s the center of attention the moment she walks into a room and commands attention. Whether it’s a party or a meeting, she directs everyone without being overbearing. She knows what to talk about in conversations that will bring people together and does so with ease.

5. She Is Resilient

Life might throw many challenges in her way, but she’s the one who will persevere despite the hurdles she faces. An alpha woman is resilient and determined to move forward. She deals with everything – whether it is injustice, sickness, or challenges – with her head held high and with a healthy dose of optimism.

6. She Is Loyal

Alphas are the leaders of their pack and as the leaders, they earn respect and loyalty. That’s true with alpha females as well. Another trait of an alpha female that set her apart from everyone else is her loyalty. As people around her are loyal to her, so is she. If a beta female is the “mom friend”, an alpha female is the “mama bear”. She’s protective of the ones she loves but she’s not petty. She’s supportive but never overbearing.

7. She Is Confident

If we look at alphas through a stereotypical lens, then we can see that alphas can be a bit arrogant and cold. In reality, that is far from the truth. Alpha females might look arrogant and indifferent at first glance but they are confident in their skin. She knows herself and what she’s capable of. She does not seek attention for it, instead, she is quiet about it – very self-assured.

8. She Does Not Play Games

Because she stands by her beliefs and knows what she wants, an alpha female refrains from playing mind games. She does not appreciate one-upmanship and power games. She does not appreciate when others play hard to get. She’s straightforward and has a no-nonsense attitude. She refuses to engage in passive-aggressive behaviors to gain attention. She’s mature and expects others to match her level of maturity.

9. She Is A Leader

Alphas are natural leaders, but when it comes to an alpha female, it’s a bit different. She’s a leader, but she leads from within instead of doing it from the front lines. She encourages her pack to meet their potential quietly and assures that everyone works in tandem to reach their goals. She delegates responsibility but never goes back on her responsibilities.

10. She Can Walk Away Anytime

Alpha women are true to themselves and because of their self-assuredness, they know that they can walk away from a situation that disrespects their values and beliefs. An alpha female does not stand for disrespect and mistreatment and is not quiet about her opinions. She’s strong, but she’s far from cruel. She knows that if the situation is bordering on injustice and mistreatment, she can walk away. And she does it without regret.

Celebrating Being An Alpha Female

“Be an alpha female. Confident, bold. Not afraid of anything.” —Shilpa Negi

If you’re an alpha female, then celebrate your personality traits for they make you who you are today. If these traits of an alpha female resonate with you, then awesome! Keep working hard, you’re doing great. If you are an alpha female, then own it; be proud of it.

Just because others may take you as brash, arrogant, domineering, and demanding doesn’t mean that you are that. You’re respectful, quiet, and supportive in ways only a leader can be, so own your personality as it is!

Celebrate yourself as an alpha female because you’re powerful, resilient, determined, and strong in ways no one else can be.

Are you an alpha female? Do you have these alpha female personality traits? Let me know in the comments below!

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