Are You Into The Trap Of Faking Happiness?

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Well, fake happiness psychology has a lot to do with your mental health. We can all fake it easily but it can cause stress and frustration. Faking happiness is like taking a pill, once you’re relieved from the pain; you want to do it again and again. And just like the overdose of pills, it affects us mentally! People, who are prone towards such pain of stress and stress, know how to fake happiness. 

Sad but true…I have seen extroverts living in a fake world showing their happiness to the world meanwhile introverts live their life in misery. To fake happiness, you don’t have to choose between these two personalities, however, you should choose between living in a real world and living in a fake world.

Both situations have different consequences meanwhile living in a real world with misery is better than living with fake happiness.

In this article, I am going to discuss the psychology behind faking happiness, how you can tell if someone is living with fake happiness, and how to overcome fake happiness by understanding fake happiness psychology. So, let’s get started.

Why Do People Fake Happiness?

Why do people fake happiness
the psychology behind fake happiness

Generally, people fake happiness as they want to appear as a happy personality however, they are not from the inside. They might look happy from the outside but from inside they always feel that something is missing in their life. No matter what they have accomplished or fulfilled in their life, they still feel that something is left unfulfilled.

They keep on searching for something (they even don’t know) but they are always dissatisfied with whatever they have. This is the major sign of fake happiness. Such behavior is full of consequences like stress, the flow of negative thoughts, depression, stress, and other mental health problems. If not treated on time, it can lead to physical health issues as well.

If you or your loved one feels the same, please remind yourself that you are not alone. A lot of people like you are going through the trap of faking happiness, they might show on social media that they are happy but you never know what’s going on inside. The truth is no one is happy and no one is satisfied with their life. That’s how you can tell someone is faking happiness on social media.

Do you feel like you are also a victim of fake happiness then read the next section to check signs of faking happiness?

Signs to Tell if Someone is Faking Happiness

This section will help in identifying the answer of your question, “How to tell if someone is faking happiness?” 

1. If They Are Living With Someone Else’s Version of Happiness

Clearly, the definition of happiness is different for everyone. And two people who know each other cannot have the same opinion about happiness. If you think they are living with someone else’s version of happiness, you might be living in the trap of faking happiness.

2. If They Don’t Feel Like They are Better

If you constantly feel like you are not better at work or in your personal life as well, This can be a sign of faking happiness and you might be living a life of misery as you are not at all satisfied with your life.

3. If They Feel Like Someone Else is Better Than Them

Everyone feels jealousy, however; when this behavior takes up our whole life it may impact our mental health. If they feel like they are not better than them or they are better than you, please remind yourself that they need to change this thinking. This sign of faking happiness can be seen on social media.

4. If Their Happiness Comes From Little Stuff

If their happiness comes from little stuff like shopping or eating and certainly goes away, they might be the victim of fake happiness.

5. If They are Happy in Only Certain Situations

If they are happy in only certain situations like meeting their partner or going out in a café and they are back to the life of misery, they are living with the habit of faking happiness.

Overcoming faking happiness

If you feel like you are into a trap of faking happiness, don’t worry you can try these ways to overcome faking happiness:

1. Take a break from social media

Fake happiness can be widely observed on social media. Therefore, You really need to take a break from fake social media and start to live in the real world, face your challenges, thoughts, and everything that makes your life miserable.

2. Cultivate new hobbies

By cultivating new hobbies, you will be able to explore more about yourself. If you love to dance, show your happiness through it, don’t just dance because I said it. In this way, you will also be able to come in less contact of fake happiness on social media.

3. Try yoga or meditation

Meditation or yoga is a form of living in a mindful world. They will eventually give you the strength to overcome your pain of sadness and will leave you with peace and a positive mindset.

[ Here you can find the best yoga channels on youtube if you want to learn yoga online. ] 

4. Seek professional help

If you or your loved one is still not able to overcome the trap of faking happiness, you can always seek advice from professional counselors.

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I hope this blog helps you or your loved one to overcome the trap of faking happiness and understand psychology behind faking happiness. Comment down and share your experiences with someone who fakes happiness.

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Thanks for reading!


1. Can happiness be faked?

Yes, happiness can be faked and it occurs when someone makes them appear to be happy but internally, they are not happy. For everyone, they might look happy but inside out they feel like something is missing. 

2. How can you tell if someone is faking happiness? 

There are various signs to show that someone is faking happiness like frequent mood swings, tiredness, isolation, and more.

3. Can faking happiness make you happy?

Well, faking happiness does not count as real happiness as it does not bring the actual vibes of positivity and happiness.

4. Is pretending to be happy unhealthy?

Clearly, if we pretend that we are happy for the sake of others is not wrong however, it can be a sign of showing that you’re not happy from inside and that’s a major deal for your mental health. 

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