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Aayushi Kapoor

Aayushi is a Content creator at Calm Sage. By education, she is a food technologist and nutritionist in making. Her constant interest towards the improvement of mental health drawn her to write. She likes to make an asynchronous connection with her readers. Her mantra for living life is "What you seek is seeking you". Apart from this, she is a foodie and dog lover.


5 Effective Ways To Deal With A Toxic Marriage

I always wondered, “What is a toxic marriage?” Does it cause stress, does it cause a problem between the two, is it the reason behind so many fights,...
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Team Method of Calm Parenting

Team Parenting: Raise Your Kids The Calm Way

The fact is western culture has forgotten the effective way of parenting. One day, while having a coffee break, a parenting thought came into my mind. Parenting has...
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Homophobia Guide: Causes, Signs, & Dealing Strategy

[sys_content_toc title="List of Contents" headers="h3" orders="0"] What is Homophobia? Homophobia is when someone keeps a negative attitude towards people related to the LGBTQ community. Homophobia is expressed at...
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Gay couple counseling

Gay Couples Counseling: Revitalize The Love And Trust Again

For how long you’re feeling disconnected from your spouse or partner? Are you also missing the old times when you both used to have intimate and safe communication...
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Top 7 Colors to Bring Positivity in Your Home

Colors are one of the easiest ways to bring positivity in your home. However, we have observed that working with colors is tricky. Therefore, we are making it...
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EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR Therapy and How Does It Work?

[sys_content_toc title="List of Contents" headers="h3" orders="0"] What Is EMDR Therapy? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is An interactive psychotherapy technique that helps in relieving psychological stress....
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art therapy activities

20+ Art Therapy Activities For Instant Stress Relief

Anni Albers appropriately quoted, “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” Since childhood whenever I hear anything related to art, it catches...
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What is Psychosis

An Overview Of Psychosis

[sys_content_toc title="List of Contents" headers="h3" orders="0"] Introduction to Psychosis Psychosis is defined as a loss of contact with reality that includes delusions and hallucinations. Delusions include having false...
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Nightmare Disorder

An Overview Of Nightmare Disorder

[sys_content_toc title="List of Contents" headers="h3" orders="0"] Overview of Nightmare Disorder A nightmare is defined as a disturbing dream related to negative thoughts and feelings like fear, phobia, anxiety,...
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Attachment Anxiety

Attachment Anxiety: Symptoms, Treatment, Coping Skills, And More

[sys_content_toc title="List of Contents" headers="h3" orders="0"] Introduction to Attachment Anxiety Attachment anxiety takes place when someone experiences anxiety due to relationships with people who are closed to them...
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