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Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh is a content curator in the field of Mental Health. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology. Her aim is to light up the world with positive vibes through her words, her idea of life is ‘Grow through what you go through’. Apart from this, she is a big-time pet lover.

mental health and wellbeing of 2020

Mental Health And Wellbeing 2020 In Review | Everything You Need To Know

Year 2020!  This phrase is likely to bring different emotions to everyone. This year has definitely been a roller-coaster ride for all in terms of emotions, finances, relationships,...
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Is It Okay To Cry

Is It Okay To Cry? 7 Surprising Benefits Of Crying That You Did Not Know

Crying! An emotional behavior that is often seen in the light of weakness, an act of attention, and a trait of someone’s personality. But how much does it...
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which is better between talkspace and betterhelp

BetterHelp Vs. Talkspace: Comparing The Leading Online Therapy Platforms

In recent times the people are proactively seeking help from mental health professionals through online therapy platforms. While many online therapy platforms are now available just a tap...
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Endogenous depression

Endogenous & Exogenous Depression: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

For years the debate that is depression an outcome of genetics or external factors has been a focus for mental health experts. A few years back, the diagnosis...
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Guide To Deal With Holiday Anxiety

Holiday Anxiety Guide | Bye-Bye Anxiety; Hello Happy Holidays

Yesterday while swiping through my social media, I came across several holiday-related posts. They were so pretty that I couldn’t stop but scroll through them! Eventually, I found...
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What Is Reactive Depression And How To Overcome It

What Is Reactive Depression And How To Overcome It | Everything You Need To Know

Did you know certain situations and our reaction towards them can lead to depression? Yes, there is one such classification of depression that is triggered by the situations...
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Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

7 Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

When you hear the word “REST” what are the first few things that are likely to cross your mind? Sleep, taking a break, or a quick nap! That...
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Ho'oponopono Technique

Ho’oponopono Technique: The Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness| Try NOW

“Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie Forgiveness is like a present that we love receiving but don’t really...
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7 Habits That Causes Low Self-esteem

7 Habits That Causes Low Self-esteem (Watch Out) | Ways To Overcome Them

“A change in bad habits; leads to a change in life” We often disregard the role of our habits in our lives. While in reality our habits have...
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how video games affect mental health

Are Video Games Good For Your Mental Health?

If I ask you, “Are video games good for your mental health or not?” what will be your response to it? Well, looking back at the research findings...
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