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Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh is a content curator in the field of Mental Health. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology. Her aim is to light up the world with positive vibes through her words, her idea of life is ‘Grow through what you go through’. Apart from this, she is a big-time pet lover.


COVID19 – Panic Attacks Symptoms and how to deal with them

As coronavirus sickness continues to spread, fear and anxiety raise among many individuals. About 15-30%…

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step guide to make a Zentangle

Let Zentangle Take All Your Worries Away| Your Zentangle Guide

We’ve explored the many benefits of art, drawing, and doodling on our mental health, but…

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Ted talks to bring happiness

7 Best TED Talks to Redefine And Reclaim Happiness in Your Life

Happiness! A concept that guides the life of some and seems to be an illusion…

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Anger-Management tips and techniques

Best Anger Management Tips for Kids, Teens and Adults

Anger is like heavy rainfall, if you don’t know the right ways to manage it…

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Radical-Listening how to adapt it

Radical Listening: Heal Yourself and Your Loved Ones

There is a very old and common question that made me go WOW when I…

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36 Happy Songs To Tune Into and Lift Your Spirits

Songs always make us happy! Don’t they? But, during the sad times and even happy…

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Self-reflection Guide

Self-Reflection Guide: Benefits, Importance And How To Practice It

When you stand in front of the mirror what…

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Feel Overwhelmed

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed With Life

Are you feeling dumped under the pile of To-do List? Or your day has been…

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COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Making Quarantine Mentally Healthy For You

Quarantine and self-isolation is addressed by far as the best way to reduce the spread…

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