15 Positive Energy Plants That Will Boost Your Mental Health

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on June 24, 2020

When the world fails to bring a smile on your face, when others fail to provide solace to your turbulent life, there is no place better to de-stress than at home. And the effects double when your home oozes positivity.

Did you know that out of the few elements that can amp up your living space – psychologically and physically – the flora is one? Planting flora or plants in your living space can bring a sense of tranquility while can also work to purify the air and absorb all the negativity around you.

When just spending a few minutes in nature can lower your stress and can relax you, imagine the effects having nature in your living space can have!

Apart from this, planting indoor plants can also increase the beauty of your living space, and if you choose the right plant for your house or office setting, they are likely to inhale the negative vibes and exhale positive energy in the environment.

Let’s be honest here, who does not want to welcome positivity into their lives?

So to help you welcome positive vibes in your home, here is a list of 15 indoor plants that will bring positive energy and fill your life with good vibes only!

Top 15 Positive Energy Plants That Bring Good Energy:

Here is The List of Best Positive Plants at Home.

1. Snake Plant

Scientific Name:  Sansevieria trifasciata 

Also Called: “The bedroom plant”

snake Plant

Recently, snake plants have gotten much recognition among the most preferred indoor plants for positive energy. The underlying reason is the twofold benefits that it has to offer. First, it absorbs particulate matter and VOCs from the environment thus, creating a healthy environment. Second, it emits cheerful vibes and attracts positive energy with its vibrant color.

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An Interesting About This Positive Plant: Snake plant was one of few plants that were chosen by NASA for study on how plants can be used for air purification and to combat “sick building syndrome.”

A Life Lesson To Learn From Snake Plant: Snake plants require low maintenance and they even grow through tough conditions. This can work as a reminder for you to strive and thrive through challenging times, just to come out more resilient!

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2. Peace Lily

Scientific Name:  Spathiphyllum

Also Called: “White sail”

peace Lily a plant for positive energy

According to Feng Shui, this plant symbolizes tranquility and peace. Along with this, it works as a source of positive radiation in the surrounding and purifying the air. This Plant is also found to reduce the chances of headaches and boost your mental health. Peace Lily can grow in a low light location as well, so you can put it in your bedroom or bathroom.

An Interesting About This Positive Plant: Peace Lily gets its name from the Greek word “spath” which means “spoon” and “phyl” meaning leaves. As the leaves of peace lily resemble spoons.

A Life Lesson To Learn From Peace Lily: This plant is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and solitude. Which keeps on reminding us to be at peace with ourselves and those around us. It inspires you to be calm and stay positive.

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3. Cactus

Scientific Name:  Cactaceae

Also Called: “Desert cactus”

cactus a positive plant

The saying… “Don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true for cactus plants. Many people hold the opposite view for this beautiful plant because of the thorns it has. However, that is not the case! In fact, this indoor plant is a powerhouse of positive vibes. They not only aid in fighting off gloominess but anxiety as well. What makes it even a better choice is its ability to soak up electromagnetic energy from the electronic devices in your home (isn’t that just WOW).

An Interesting About This Positive Plant: Having a cactus plant in your work environment can increase productivity upto 12%. 

A Life Lesson To Learn From Cactus Plant: This plant truly symbolises growth (even in the toughest of situations). This desert plant grows and blooms beautifully in difficult situations, inspiring you to never give up in life.

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4. Bamboo Plant

Scientific Name:  Bambusoidaea

bamboo Plant for positive energy

It is a plant of positivity and a sign of purity and life. This ornamental plant provides happiness and serenity by keeping jealousy at bay! Apart from being a low-maintenance plant it also symbolizes good fortune. It is likely to bring harmony and prosperity in your life. There is a philosophical lesson that this plant has to offer-

“Never give up and always aim for better things in life.”

An Interesting About This Positive Plant: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. A study has also shown that even viewing a bamboo plant can bring physiological relaxation effects in individuals. 

A Life Lesson To Learn From Bamboo Plant: Apart from the philosophical message shared above, there is another important lesson to learn here. The plant surely inspires to keep moving forward in life.

5. Chinese Money Plant

Scientific Name:  Eucalyptus cinerea

Also Called: “Silver Dollar” 

chinese Money Plant

This not so common indoor plant improves the flow of positive energy in the house if kept in a corner without direct sunlight. The unusual round-shaped leaves are likely to add the element of exoticness in your house or cabin. It is also going to alleviate anxiety and stress from your surroundings and life.

An Interesting About This Positive Plant: Eucalyptus flowers have no petals and it is a great plant to have indoors to prevent malaria.

A Life Lesson To Learn From Eucalyptus Plant: “Be in the present, live it, and enjoy it.” This is the mantra that eucalyptus teaches us. With its fresh fragrance

6. Golden Pothos

Scientific Name:  Aloe barbadensis miller

golden Pothos

The presence of this plant is likely to radiate positive vibes and cleanse negative ones. But, that’s not it! A study found that by merely touching its leaves an effect of peacefulness and calmness can be felt on the mind.

Apart from this, looking at this helps eyes to relax when you’re feeling a little irritated or congested. All of this clubbed together makes golden pothos an ideal plant for positive energy for houses, offices and even study areas.

7. Jade Plant

Scientific Name: Pilea peperomioides

jade Plant

A low maintenance positive energy plant that blooms delicate pink or pink flowers definitely holds the power of uplifting your mood. Feng Shui enthusiasts support that this plant can calm the environment and bring down the stress level in the immediate environment. It is suggested to place it either at the front door or at the back door of your house.

8. Calatheas

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum


This colorful foliage makes this plant a unique source for decoration. What makes it even beautiful is the fact that it closes it leaves at night and opens them in the morning. Similarly, it intakes all negative vibes from the house, absorbs it, transforms them into positive radiation, and spreads them by opening their leaves.

9. Morning Glory

Scientific Name: Crassula ovata

morning Glory plant for good energy

This plant bears gorgeous and subtle color flowers which will bring peace and tranquility in your life. However, apart from this, if it is kept under the pillow before you doze off it facilitates sound sleep.

10. Eucalyptus

Scientific Name: Calathea lutea


Having difficulty dealing with hateful people around and the negative vibes? We recommend you to add a eucalyptus plant to your surroundings. This plant aids in driving possible harm from your house and promoting economic welfare.

Along with this, it is a perfect plant for having positive energy in the workplace. Placing it in your cabin can actually increase your productivity and focus at work.

11. Basil

Scientific Name: Ipomoea


The great antioxidant properties of this spiritual plant welcome positive vibes in the house by clearing the negative energy. The heavenly properties of it can calm you down instantly.

Apart from this, it is considered to be a prosperity charm.

12. Aloe Vera

Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum

aloe Vera

The ayurvedic and healing properties of aloe-vera have helped this plant to gain a special place in people’s homes. However, the benefits of it can be seen in promoting mental health as well. It is believed that aloe-vera absorbs negative vibes which can be seen in the form of brown spots on it. This succulent plant species is also effective in regulating mood swings and promoting happiness.

13. Jasmine

Scientific Name: Jasminum


A plant that promotes and strengthens healthy relationships is surely a mental health booster. Well, jasmine plant can actually amp up your love life with its positive vibe. Many believe that this beautiful plant also holds the ability to mend broken hearts. Also, its lingering fragrance doubles the positive effect by soothing a stressed mind and stimulating energy.

14. Rosemary

Scientific Name: Salvia rosmarinus


The magic of rosemary plants is not just limited to elevate your dishes but also to improve your mental well-being. There is a long list of goods that this plant has to offer, such as, uplifting your sad mood, fighting anxiety, healing sleeping issues, improving memory, and bringing inner peace. Isn’t that impressive? Well, to make the most out of these benefits place this positivity-packed plant in cool temperature and with bright colors.

15. Lavender

Scientific Name: Lavandula


You might be gifting lavender flowers to your loved ones but, now it is time to gift them a plant of the same and get one for yourself. Thinking, why?

The answer is simple… to bring happiness and relaxation to your life and that of others. It is likely to promote better communication at home. Make sure you put it in a corner of your house or office from where you can smell it regularly to rejoice its effect.

more positive vibe plants indoor and outdoor

Now if you ever feel confused while deciding what gift to give a friend, family member or a colleague then you know the answer- ‘A Plant Full of Good Vibes Only’

Also you can get different plants with positive energy and place them in various corners of your house. Do let us know in the comment section which positive energy plant is your favorite and which one are you planning to add in your indoors to welcome happiness and good mental health.

Don’t forget to take care of it!

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  1. Krishan

    incorporating plants into the office space can increase creativity and productivity, decrease stress, improves memory retention, and helps us focus.

  2. Yogesh

    I already have aloe vera in my house but i was unaware that this plant brings so much positive energy. I love having plants around me so now I will bring the ones which will bring positive energy around me.

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      I am glad you explored its benefits!

  3. Jugal

    Plants can bring positive energy in surroundings, along with plants there are some other things that can bring positivity, could you share such things.

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      Hi, Sure. We have in fact covered various other topics that will help you bring positivity in your life, do give them a read.

  4. Swati Gupta
    Swati Gupta

    i love Lavender. it smell so good and make me feel good also. I recommend everyone to place this in your home or workplace. it will really help to sooth your mind

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words.

  5. mariya jonsan
    mariya jonsan

    I love Golden Pothos it gives me positiveness , everyone have this in your home.

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      Wow, that's a great thing to hear. Even we have multiple golden pathos in our house. These plants are truly positivity radiating.

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      So do I! High-five.

  6. Nadeem Ahmed
    Nadeem Ahmed

    I started with one plant and in the span of 6 months, I graduated with 50+ plants. Mostly indoors though. I am not entirely sure if the basil and lavender can be grown inside the house, maybe with a grow light. Your suggestion can be helpful.

    1. Anjali Singh
      Anjali Singh

      Wow! That's an inspirational story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Yes, some plants bloom better when kept in sunlight. Do try it and let us know your experience. Thank you for your kind words and please do keep reading at calmsage.com

  7. Christina Bodling
    Christina Bodling

    I love the Bambo and the Peace Lilly plant. I have both in my bedroom, and plan on getting more like the Lavender one and Jasmin or Gold Pathos.

  8. Antonia

    Love this information, going to put it to use, came in a perfect time. Thank you

  9. Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz

    I have several of these plants. I love plants. I talk to my plants and they tall back to me by providing beautiful green leafs.

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