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Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh is a content curator in the field of Mental Health. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology. Her aim is to light up the world with positive vibes through her words, her idea of life is ‘Grow through what you go through’. Apart from this, she is a big-time pet lover.

complete guide about forest bathing

Forest Bathing: New Meditation For You to Try and Regain Your Calm

Often we think of meditation as a task to sit down in a comfortable position at a peaceful place, focus on our breath and that’s it! But does...
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Yoga apps for Beginner people

10 Best Yoga Apps – Download Them Now To Lead a Healthy Life

The history of yoga dates back to 5,000 years and up until recent years, it was far away from technology. But, let us take a moment and ask...
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How to Keep Your Mind

30+ Ways to Calm Your Mind in Less Than 5 Minutes

Our mind is often referred to as “Monkey Mind.” Because just like a monkey it keeps on hopping from one thought to another. While sometimes it lets the...
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Depression vs Anxiety | Know the Difference Between Both

“I feel irritated” “I have lost my appetite” “I am eating a lot”  Am I showing signs of depression? Or wait… Are these signs of anxiety? It is...
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complete gratitude guide

Your Complete Gratitude Guide| It Is Good To Be Grateful

Do you wait to say thank you and extend your gratitude to others specifically on Thanksgiving day? No! We just don’t need a day to be thankful in...
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Grounding Exercises

5+ Best Grounding Techniques For You To Feel In Control Of Reality

Have you seen a gas balloon? When you don’t tie it flies away in the air and there is no way to get it back! Well, our thoughts...
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Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Positive vs Negative Reinforcement: Which Is More Effective?

Table of Content:  1. What is Reinforcement? 2. What are the different types of Reinforcement? 3. Examples of Positive and Negative Reinforcement 4. Positive vs Negative Reinforcement: Which...
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How Do Deal With Family Stress In Lockdown

Is Coronavirus Lockdown Bringing Smiles or Causing Stress in Families?

COVID-19 lockdown has impacted us all in one or the other way. While some of us took it as an opportunity and explored our new hidden talents others...
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List of Best Gratitude Journal Apps

10+ Best Gratitude Journal Apps For You to Try Right Now

Gratitude is a great practice as it makes you happier and offers a lot many benefits for your mental and physical health. In fact, writing a gratitude journal...
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11 Best Stress Relief Gadgets To Try NOW

We all have our way of relieving stress from our lives. For some of us meditation works the best and for others changing their diet plan does help...
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