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Self-Compassion How To Improve It

Self-Compassion: How To Improve It

We sleep in a world where we are always running after the simplest thing, being…

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brain aging

Brain Aging: Symptoms And Solutions For Brain Aging

We all go through aging. It is part of life and growth. And just like…

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Connection Between Mental Health and Intimacy

Intimacy and its Effects on Mental Health

As social animals, humans are naturally drawn towards intimacy. A close connection with a loved…

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Karate Breathing Techniques

Releasing Stress Through Karate Breathing Techniques

Karate originated as a Japanese martial art with roots to China’s famous Kung Fu. It…

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Meditation benefits

Meditation: Concentration and More

Meditation? Why? What’s the need? What are the benefits of meditation? From our childhood, we…

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To The ‘Strongest Person’: Thank You For Taking My Depressed Boat To The Shore

Dear Friend I called you the Strongest Person for a reason, and you know why.…

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Channeling Positivity

Podcast Ep.1 “Channeling Positivity”

This podcast means to spread the ways of finding positivity which is hidden somewhere in…

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