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Are you a cynic

A Cynic is a person who believes that people always have a selfish motive behind everything they do. A cynic is overly skeptical about everything. If you are a cynic, you’ll always have a doubt about things being a success.

Basically, if you are cynical about a particular thing, it’s hard for you to believe that it can be successful. You will always think that the other is not honest about their intentions.

All of us are cynical about a few things that happen around us once in a while. I, somehow, am always cynical about a politician’s motives!

But a Cynic, almost all the time, disbelieves the integrity of everything. Cynics believe that there is no such thing as altruism, people always want something in return.

For example, X donated some amount to an organization, a cynic will always believe that it’s not just a simple act of charity. The cynic will come up with reasons like

* X probably wants some favors from the organization,

* X wants to impress the owner of the organization,

*X wants to look like a giver in front of the public eye, etc.

What Makes a Person Cynical?

Cynicism basically means being critical about things. Cynicism is not as bad as it seems provided it is in a limit. Anything in excess is bad! Being careful and cautious is good. Cynicism might have some root cause in some people.

You have to understand where cynicism is coming from. It can be a past experience!

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I recently dealt with fraud. Someone tricked me into taking my money as a form of purchase, online. Since then I’ve been very, very cynical about online shopping. Even if I am using an official portal of a legit website, I instantly click on pay on delivery!

Comment and tell me if you have experienced something that made you cynical about it.

It’s good to question things before you get involved. It clears concerns and also helps in getting a deeper understanding of things. This kind of cynicism is acceptable, it’s normal. What’s away from normal is having zero trust in anything, whatever!

Cynics never give the benefit of the doubt to anything or anyone.

Characteristics of a Cynical Person:

Cynics have a different way of processing and analyzing situations. Nothing, for them, is as simple as it looks. They keep looking for a motive that can support their disbelief.

Do you sometimes feel like everything’s negative in life? Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a cynic:

  • Sarcasm is their first language
  • Loath plain positivity
  • Can’t take a compliment. They think compliments are fake!
  • Question anything and everything
  • Always concerned about other want from them
  • Don’t give a damn about being politically correct
  • Do not romanticize life
  • Always prepared for the worst.
  • They always sound smart

A pinch of salt makes your dessert even yummy. Imagine having a spoonful of salt in that piece of cake you’re about to eat!

If a cashier wishes you a good day it’s because he/she is being polite. They do not want anything from you! Even the thought of it makes me want to throw up!

It’s good to acknowledge the chances but not so much that it turns you into a big time pessimist. Be cautious but also indulge in carefree moments, keep a little joy in life.

skepticism vs cynicism

How Does Cynicism Affect our Mental Health?

Well, cynicism has been linked with depression many times. There are various studies that state too much cynicism can lead to depression.

Researchers say that there is a 5 times higher chance of a cynical person having depression.

1. Depression and cynicism are actually intertwined. A cynic has a high chance of getting depressed, while a depressed person has an equal chance of developing a cynical mindset.

2. Cynicism may begin to bud in an individual when they give their all in achieving a goal, yet fail. This failure crushes their hopes and dreams, which in turn makes them bitter.

3. There is a disconnect between expectation and reality for a cynic. This leaves them feeling hopeless and helpless.

4. They often feel like no one does anything that actually matters. Nothing excites them because they doubt the sincerity of everything. This is a typical cynical personality trait.

5. Cynics ruminate on their pessimistic thoughts which aids depression

6. The distrust cynic have in every realm of life, turns their general grumpiness into a diagnosable disorder.

7. A cynic is always looking for evidence that leads to other people’s motives. This induces stress which can later take the form of anxiety

8. The core belief in a cynic is doubt. A strong doubt about everything in life. This doubt brings in the feeling of helplessness, anger, frustration, loss of interest in things, etc.

9. Cynics tend to indulge self-destructive behavior.

10. Researches state that cynic often choose to smoke and drink and have a high chance of committing suicide

11. Cynical people show reduced emotional attachment.

effect of cynicism

They start to think that everything is just a show and nothing really matters. All these attributes can push someone into depression or other psychological disorders.

How to Escape from a Cynical Mindset?

opposite of cynicism

Now we all know how being severely cynical about everything is not healthy. Give yourself a break! Not digging into every possible thing in life is as important as being cautious. If you notice the traits of a cynic in your life, escaping such a mindset is the best way out. Let’s find out how:

  • Recognize the cynical mindset
  • Challenge your cynicism
  • Tell your friends and family to check you when you’re being cynical
  • Draw a line between being critical and being cynical
  • Appreciate people in your life
  • Embrace positivity
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Express gratitude
  • Relax your thoughts, try yoga
  • Engage in recreational activities
  • Find positive thing in people

Little cynicism causes no harm but do not let it exceed the limit. Creating a balance is really important.


Thinking that everyone around you is lying, in return for some gain is not fair. We should all learn to trust our friends and family.

Altruism is not just a mere concept. We must all appreciate the act of kindness which demands nothing in return.

Being cynical may be your way of protecting yourself from being wronged. However, if being cynical is affecting your health, you should start working towards striking a balance.

Let’s all appreciate the little things in life, be a little less cynical!

I hope by the end of your read you can easily recognize the traits of a cynical person and how it can affect your mental health.

I hope this article helped you.  For more, you can write to us at or follow us on social media.

Take care! Stay safe!


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