10 Best Tricks on How to Stop Thinking About Smoking

Last Update on June 25, 2024 : Published on June 24, 2024

Quitting your addictions can be the most challenging yet rewarding choice for your health. This decision doesn’t come easy, but it can bring a lot of health benefits – physical health and mental health, mind you. The addiction I’m talking about today is smoking. Living a smoke-free or nicotine-free life cannot be easy. In between constant cravings and dodging them, it can be quite difficult to quit smoking.

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But, what many of us fail to understand is the power of our will. If you will it, it can happen. However, if you still can’t stop thinking about smoking or have a craving to let out a puff to release stress, I have some tricks for you.

Don’t worry, I won’t further fuel your addiction, but help you understand why your cravings occur and what mental tricks you can use to keep the thoughts about smoking at bay.

Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Smoking?

Nicotine is the addictive substance often found in cigarettes and can be a powerful stimulant. When you smoke, nicotine reaches your brain, releasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine, bringing feelings of pleasure and relaxation. With time, your brain becomes dependent on nicotine for your dopamine release, leading to addiction. This dependency is one of the reasons why you get strong cravings and can’t stop thinking about smoking.

Another reason why you can’t stop thinking about smoking could be psychological. Smoking, once it becomes a habit, can be linked to specific emotions. From stress, happiness, guilt, or grief – these emotions can become triggers that could start a psychological dependence on smoking. Your brain begins to associate certain emotions with the need to smoke, making it harder for you to break out of this habit.

Moreover, when you quit smoking, your body goes through withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, trouble focusing, and intense cravings. These symptoms can be too overwhelming and can make it hard for you to stop thinking about smoking.

How to Stop Thinking About Smoking?

Now, if you’re finding it hard to stop thinking about smoking, then try these best mental tricks to break free of your negative thinking;

1. Mindfulness and Meditation

Practices like mindfulness and meditation involve focusing on the present without judging your thoughts. These activities can help you become more aware of your cravings without giving in to them. Mindfulness and meditation can allow you to observe your thoughts and feelings without acting on them.

2. CBT Techniques

CBT is a therapeutic technique that can help you change your negative thoughts and behaviors and replace them with positive ones. By knowing the triggers and thought patterns that lead to smoking, the techniques of CBT can help you develop healthy coping mechanisms. You can try practicing cognitive restructuring and other behavioral techniques to reduce thoughts about smoking.

3. Practice Healthy Distraction

Even activities that can help divert your attention from thoughts of smoking to something healthier can help. Exercising, engaging in hobbies, or even doing chores around the house can be considered healthy distractions. The idea is to find healthy distractions and activities that help reduce your cravings. Physical activities can be good as they release endorphins that improve your mood.

4. Read Positive Affirmations

Another way to stop thinking about smoking is to think positively. I know I sound like a broken record, but trust me, it helps. Reading positive affirmations can help you focus on your strengths and not think too much about smoking. Statements such as, “I am stronger than my addiction.” or “I choose my health over smoking.” can help reinforce your goal of quitting your addiction.

5. Try Visualization

Another activity you can try is visualization. This means seeing yourself in your mind in situations where you successfully quit smoking. Imagine yourself confidently saying no to a cigarette and enjoying your daily life without smoking. Feel proud of yourself in this vision. This mental trick can help strengthen your resolve and quit thinking about smoking.

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6. Break Your Routine

Routine becomes a habit, and once you add smoking to your routine, it becomes a habit. To stop thinking about smoking, break your routine. For instance, if you smoke after a meal, go for a walk instead. If you smoke during the mid-afternoon slump, try drinking caffeine-free tea. Make small changes to break yourself of the habit, effectively keeping thoughts of smoking out of the mind.

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7. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, your addiction might need more than just self-help and mental tricks. If you’re having trouble quitting smoking, then seek professional help. A professional can prescribe certain therapies and medications to help you quit smoking and manage the thoughts about smoking that stress you out.

8. Chew Nicotine-Free Gum

When you get cravings or your mind can’t stop thinking about smoking, try tobacco free nicotine pouches which are clean, fresh, and odorless alternatives to cigarettes. This can stop the cravings in their tracks as you absorb synthetic nicotine and flavorings in your mouth without the dangerous effects of breathing in tobacco smoke. If you’re not comfortable with using nicotine pouches, you can also try using nicotine gum, eating carrot sticks, or sucking on mints to stop the cravings from becoming solid thoughts.

9. Avoid Your Triggers

It’s always good to know your triggers so you can avoid them. If certain triggers want to make you smoke or make you think about smoking, then avoid them. With time, you can build new habits and these triggers will lose their power of affecting your thoughts. Mobile apps like QuitSure can also offer extra guidance to help you stay away from cravings, targeting the thought patterns and behaviors linked to smoking. It’s an accessible and engaging way to understand and manage triggers so you can stop thinking about smoking.

10. Set up Self-Rewards

Reward yourself as you clear each day without giving in to your thoughts and cravings. These rewards can act as positive reinforcement to help you stop smoking and think about the habit. Small things like treating yourself to your favorite fast food or going to watch a movie can also work.

How to Stop Thinking About Smoking

Wrapping Up…

Quitting smoking or not thinking about smoking can be challenging, but you can do it! Understand why you get these thoughts and cravings, and use the mental tricks I’ve mentioned in this blog to block the negative thought patterns. Quitting your addiction might take time, but be patient with yourself and keep going.

These 10 best mental tricks to stop thinking about smoking can help you take control of your health. Give them (and yourself) a chance to live a healthier and smoke-free life!

Share your favorite mental tricks with us to stop thinking about smoking in the comments below.

Take Care!

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