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Mohnish Jha

Podcast Ep. 29 – Learning About ADHD: Understanding The Struggle

The struggle is real. Tagging each and every one as a “Lazy” person is not…

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Inculcating Gratitude in Your Kids

Inculcating Gratitude in Your Kids

"Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression." -Dr. Haim Ginott…

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Best Comic Anime Series For a Stress Free Weekend

Stress is necessary but in small amounts. It helps prepare your body for the situation…

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7 Best Mental Health books to Read in 2022

There are so many books in the market today that cover almost all the subjects.…

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how to deal with ocd in kids

How to Deal with OCD in Kids

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness which was thought only to affect…

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What is Intrinsic Motivation in Psychology: Definition and Examples

Motivation, the driving force behind an action. The force which helps us move gives meaning…

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Psychological Benefits of Cooking

Psychological Benefits of Cooking: Cook, Not Just for Taste Buds

Cooking is Not just for polishing your culinary skills, feeding your taste buds, or even…

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How Does Workout Help Reverse Alcohol

How Does Workout Help Reverse Alcohol Induced Brain Damage

One of the greatest assets that we hold in our brain. It is said to…

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How Cyberbullying Can Cause Psychological Distress

How Cyberbullying Can Cause Psychological Distress?

What is Cyberbullying, and why should it be a matter of concern? Can Cyberbullying cause…

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