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Sarang Bhargav

Sarang is an avid blogger and a philosopher at heart. Words are his weapon, and intent is his channel. He finds it enlightening to pour his heart out in the form of words on anything under the sun. At Calm Sage, he aims at spreading happiness and joy in the lives of millions by writing on topics such as mental wellbeing, happiness and anything that can help soothe others.

How To Emotionally Detach yourself

How To Emotionally Detach Yourself From Someone – A Skill One Should Master

Before we get into why and how to detach emotionally from someone, it is important to know what emotional detachment actually is. It is the ability to disconnect...
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Calming iPhone Wallpaper

Top 30 Calming iPhone Wallpaper To Relax Your Mind

Why do you need a calming wallpaper for iPhone? Do you look at the iPhone day in and day out all because you have to pick up calls,...
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calm music

Calm Music For Study, Meditation And Relaxing: Know the Importance

Table of Content:  1. Calm Music For Study Examples 2. Calm Music For Meditation Examples 3. Calm Music For Relaxation There is no soul on this planet who...
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Quotes To Calm Your Mind

51 Keep Calm Quotes To Help Your Mind Stay Calm

How Calm Quotes will help you? Calmness is a state of mind and heart where you are at complete peace. You are free from any agitation and are...
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Guide to Mindful Walking

One Step at a Time: A Guide to Mindful Walking

Walking is something that we do almost every day. If you are not differently abled then you have two healthy legs which are efficient enough to carry you...
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alpha mail traits

Quick Tips On How You Can Become An Alpha Male

Wow! What a guy! Loved and respected by one and all, men and women alike. Haven't we heard ourselves, saying this (Maybe not vocally!) So, what are the...
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