These Life Changing Ways Will Make You Wise Everyday

Last Update on July 29, 2022 : Published on May 10, 2020
These Life Changing Ways Will Make You Wise Everyday

Wisdom is something that lies inside of us and might not be apparent to many. To become wise means to be able to make right and sensible judgments. You can only make right and sensible judgments when you take the complete purview of things. When you are not affected by emotions and you look at things rationally. By acting wisely you come across as someone who is patient, dependable and someone

Here are some quick life changing ways that you can exercise in your everyday life to become wise.

How To Become Wise – Everyday Activities You Should Do

1. Think twice before you speak

Think twice before you speak

To become wise you should learn how to count your words before they fall. It’s not something that is new and it’s not something that we haven’t heard of before. Ever Since our childhood we have been asked time and again to think before uttering anything. And, here’s the reason why – once you have said something, you can’t take it back. You might justify it later but what you’ve said earlier will positively have a stronger impact.

So, if you think what you are going to say is going to make you regret, better not say it in the first place.

2. Go Slow, Calm Down And Make Wise Choices

Calm Down And Make Wise Choices

Acting wisely also means to slow down when required. On any given day, try and calm yourself first and then go ahead with any task. Then compare how you fair up when you are in a hurry. Did you see a rise in your productivity when you were calm? Were you able to make better decisions? Were you able to control your mind? You’ll find that you will see a rise in your productivity while being able to control your mind. You’ll become more efficient and most importantly a much happier person because you will have fewer conflicts.

The bottom line is when you are calm; you are able to perform a task more efficiently without getting into many conflicts. Eventually, you’ll even see yourself making wise choices.

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3. Learn To Show Compassion And Gratitude Towards Others

Learn To Show Compassion And Gratitude

Day-in and out we communicate with friends, family members, colleagues and even strangers and we often get into tiffs. Most of these tiffs occur because we fail to put ourselves into the other person’s shoes. We fail to understand that the other person might also be going through a tough situation.

So, try and look at things from the other person’s perspective. And, just to come across as a nice individual, be thankful if a friend or family member does something for you. You might not say it but it’ll eventually come out in your behavior.

4. Spend Some Time Of The Day Self Reflecting

To act wisely you must try and self-reflect. This should be an everyday activity. Just before going to bed at night, give yourself 5 minutes and introspect on what all you did throughout the day. Then, evaluate yourself and ponder upon all those instances where you think you could have done better or could have reacted in a more appropriate manner. Say for instance, maybe you misjudged a friend’s words and got into an argument. Reflect upon this incident and see how better you could have reacted.

When you self-reflect you are able to observe yourself in a clearer manner. And, then it becomes easier for you to rectify all your shortcomings because of which you become a better individual.

5. Everyday Believe That Things Are Not As Bad As They Seem

Everyday Believe That Things Are Not As Bad As They Seem

Whenever dealing with a tough situation, think for a second that the situation is certainly not as bad as it seems. And, this is not just a one-time approach but something that you will have to practice daily so that it gets into your subconscious mind. With this approach, you will be able to tackle the task in a much better manner. You will be able to look at the solutions rather than just harping on the problems.

And, if still you are unable to capture the magnanimity of the problem, how good or bad it is, you can try mindfulness. Mindfulness will help you bridge the gap between what you perceive and the actual reality.

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Wisdom Is Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

While we don’t completely deny the fact that wisdom is attained over a period of years, we also believe that our deeds play a huge role in making us wise.

This is the right time when you can become a better version of yourself by making wiser choices and that can only happen if you start to make better and more rational decisions. We don’t say that you will be able to change in a day but what we are absolutely sure of is the fact that if you put the above points into practice and act wisely soon you will become a stronger and a better version of yourself.

Talking of becoming better and a happier person, we have got tons and tons of content on mental wellness, self-care and stuff that will inspire you to the core.

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