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Swarnakshi Sharma

Mental Health Content Writer & Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health, Lifestyle, Health & Well-Being
BA (Journalism and Mass Communication), PG Diploma in TEFL/TESOL (Specialization in Young Learners and Business English), MA (Journalism and Mass Communication)
4 Years as a Mental Health Advocate


Swarnakshi is a content writer at Calm sage, who believes in a healthier lifestyle for mind and body. A fighter and survivor of depression, she strives to reach and help spread awareness on ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues. A spiritual person at heart, she believes in destiny and the power of Self. She is an avid reader and writer and likes to spend her free time baking and learning about world cultures.

Euthymic Mood

Euthymic Mood: The Other Bipolar Mood You Need To Know About

The euthymic mood is a term that can be used to describe a relatively stable…

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Your Feelings, Your Choice: No One Can “Make” You Feel Anything

“You’re making me feel angry!” “They made me feel jealous.” Ever said this line (or…

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how cyberbullying affects mental health

Cyberbullying: A Threat To Your Mental Health | Types, Impact, Reasons, And How To Cope

Cyberbullying is a term that we’ve been hearing for years, well, ever since our lives…

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Facing A Defensive Personality? 6 Tips To Calmly Communicate With Defensive People

Conflicts are a part of communication - whether in a professional relationship, personal, or social…

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“I’m Not Good At Anything” | Why You Feel This Way (And How To Cope With It)

Seeing your friends and coworkers getting either married, promoted, or successful in their endeavors can…

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Mental Health Benefits Of Making Your Bed

The 7 Mental Health Benefits Of Making Your Bed In The Morning

For years, my mother (and my sister) pestered me about making the bed in the…

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Boost Happiness Hormones

Happy Hormones, Happy You! 12 Best Ways To Increase Happy Hormones In Your Body

The feeling of happiness is something we can’t compare and these feelings are also the…

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Why People Interrupt So Much! 5 Clever Ways To Deal With Chronic Interrupters

You’ve bravely decided to speak up at a work meeting about the idea you’ve been…

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Know The 4 DBT Therapy Techniques (And How They Can Help)

Dialectical behavior therapy or DBT is a psychotherapy approach that can help one manage and…

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