Are You A Type B Personality? Find Your Traits And Its Impact On Your Life

Last Update on July 11, 2022 : Published on July 11, 2022

You might be familiar with the traits of a “Type A” personality, one who is ambitious, competitive, and more or less a perfectionist. In this article, I’m exploring the traits of a “Type B” personality.

Understanding our personality traits and how they influence our thinking, emotions, and actions can help us better understand ourselves. Each of us is different and each personality is complex, so much so that people under the same personality type might not have the same traits as each other.

When we talk about a Type-B personality, they are often described as relaxed, flexible, laid-back, and patient. The opposite of Type-A, Type-B personalities have a more carefree approach to life and have better stress management skills.

Let’s take a look at what is a Type-B personality, their traits, the impact of their personality on the various aspects of life, and the challenges they face.

Who Is A Type B Personality?


Many people associate the Type B personality with laziness and procrastination which is not accurate. Type B personalities are flexible, adapt to changes easily, and tend to have better stress management skills than a Type A personality. If you’re a Type B personality then you’re likely to be called an easy-going or carefree person.

A Type B personality trait can include:

  • Flexibility
  • Better stress management
  • A relaxed approach to life
  • Adaptable to change
  • Easy-going
  • Laid-back
  • Prone to procrastination
  • Patient
  • Creative

While all of us, regardless of our personality types, may have some of these traits, people with Type-B personalities often show these traits. Knowing your personality trait is not equal to a mental health diagnosis but it is important to be aware of your personality type and traits as it can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Type A vs. Type B

Type A personalities have traits that include:

  • Punctuality
  • Career-oriented
  • Organized
  • Ambitious
  • Competitive
  • Self-critical
  • Rigid
  • Impatient
  • Poor stress management

There are significant differences between Type A and Type B personalities but it doesn’t mean that Type A personalities can’t be creative or that Type B personalities can’t be career-oriented. It’s OK to have some traits from either personality type.

How your personality develops and shapes depends on your experiences, environment, genetics, and many other factors.

How Does Your Personality Type Affect Your Life?

While it’s not wrong to have the traits of a Type B personality, there are some challenges you may face. This is how your personality may affect different aspects of your life:


One of the advantages of a type B personality is that you have better stress management skills and have a lower chance of developing heart diseases and high blood pressure. However, there are still some challenges in health when it comes to a type B personality. Type B personalities have a relaxed attitude towards life and this extends to their health as well. If you’re laid-back then you’re less likely to be diligent about maintaining your physical health.


If you’re a type B personality then you might be described as warm, patient, and supportive in your relationships. You are great listeners and get along well with others. You keep your cool and don’t lose your temper easily, however, there are certain challenges as well. Because you’re easy-going and even-tempered, others may treat you unfairly and instead of speaking up, you might just let them push you around.

3.Professional Life

As a type B personality, you have an advantage over others in your professional and academic life. Because of your relaxed personality, you’re better able to cope with the stress and pressure that comes with professional and academic life. No matter what life throws at you, you’re able to keep a level head and an optimistic outlook.

However, there are challenges faced by type B personalities in their professional and academic life as well. Because of your laid-back personality, you might be perceived as lazy and indifferent and might have to work harder to prove otherwise. Procrastination is also a major challenge for your type B personality.

Type B Personality And Mental Health

In research from 2011, it was suggested that type A personalities are likely to have more mental health issues such as:

But, it does not mean that a type B personality can be stress-free. It’s just that a type B personality tends to let go and easily adapt to change. And this can be one of the reasons that they cope with challenges and stress better than a type-A personality.

In a 2014 study, it was suggested that a type B personality responds less extremely when their goals are not met, unlike a type A personality.

How To Cope With The Challenges?


To help you manage the challenging aspects of your type B personality, here are some tips:

1.Have A Schedule

While having a relaxed attitude can be great for managing stress effectively, it can leave a negative impact when you become so laid-back that you find yourself struggling to catch up. Having a schedule can help you stay on track and complete your tasks without rushing and worrying about the after-effects of procrastination.

2.Avoid Procrastination

Because you have a relaxed personality, it is common for you to procrastinate until the deadline is near. This can make you rush through your tasks and even cause a sense of urgency. To avoid this, you need to keep yourself on track so that you don’t procrastinate too much.

3.Show Your Strengths

As a type B personality, you may come off as lazy and indifferent while in reality, you are working as hard and as diligently as anyone. To make sure your hard work is seen, you need to adapt your personality traits to that of a type-A personality. Show your strengths and make sure those changes are visible.

4.Create Specific Goals

As a type B personality, you are broad-minded and creative but you are likely to sit back and let the wind take your sail. This can make your success seem far away. To make sure you succeed, you need to create specific goals and work on them one by one.

Wrap Up

Knowing your personality type can help you understand how your daily life is influenced. If you’re a type B personality then you’re an easy-going, laid-back, flexible, and adaptable person unlike a type A personality who can be competitive, too ambitious, and resistant to change.

However, personality isn’t all black or white, there are many colors in between. Personality types also exist on a large spectrum and there are always ways (and space) to change. If you’re a type B or type A personality then it’s nothing negative. Each personality type has its advantages and challenges but as you grow and develop, you can improve your personality type.

I hope this blog helped you understand the type B personality type, its traits, how it affects different aspects of your life, and how to cope with the challenges the type B personality presents.

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