Feeling Depressed? Lighten Up Your Mood With Amazing Ways!

Feeling Depressed Lighten Up Your Mood With Amazing Ways!

It’s pretty obvious to experience mood swings, and unable to feel good. We try to find out many ways that can light up our spirit that can give us joy and pleasure.

Lighten Up Your Mood With Amazing Ways

In search of such happiness, we try to do a number of things that can lift our mood. If you are already doing something that could help your spirit to cheer again and if it’s not working; try some different methods!

Someone has rightly said that “For people dealing with depression, as hard as daily life may be to get through, there are ways to boost your mood.”

As usual we got your back and once your mood begins to lift, it will enhance changes in your daily schedules. Stay-tuned with us and learn the cheerful ways by which you can enlighten your mood!

Amazing Ways To Brighten Up!

Here we go friend, we have shared easy  and simple ways that can help you light up your mood.

1. Go Around With Your Sympathetic Friends & Relatives

Go Around With Your Sympathetic Friends & Relatives

“A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.” – Arnold H. Glasgow

If you have a friend who listens and understands your concern, trust me you have everything, in this fake world, finding a true friend is like finding a dinosaur in the 21st century!

Okay! Jokes apart, having good friends or relatives who are there for you is worth everything! Their stupid talks or silly conversations will make you a little happier and you will forget the reason why you were gloomy. Your pal can help you with good advice and they will accept the situations you are facing. Even if you are not comfortable to share your problems, still you can create a space with them. This will solve a lot of problems.

2. Give Someone A Hug

Give Someone A Hug

A warm hug out there who is reading this post! Hugs make us happier and trust me it’s universal comfort. This is the easy and best way to lighten up your mood is to give or take a hug.  You can hug your parents, siblings or even your pet.

I am sure everyone has heard about Oxytocin if not, don’t worry I am here to tell you! Oxytocin is a hormone that is also considered as “Cuddle Hormone” This is correlated with happiness and comforting feelings that rises when we touch, or hug someone

According to scientists, Oxytocin has a strong impact on women as it reduces a risk of blood pressure and stress hormone. Whenever you get a chance to hug someone, don’t hesitate! Go on, initiate and hug them.

3. Walk Around

Walk Around

 “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.- Anonymous”

If you want to spend your time alone, get a walk. Yes according to studies, people who receive more light exposure have sleep problems and other issues. In addition to this, sunlight keeps you productive and alert.

Bright daylight, fresh air and nature will be helpful to light up your mood. You can also do brisk walk or any other 20 minutes mild exercise.

4. Recognize The Problem

Recognize The Problem

It has been seen when we are fighting with those stubborn mood swings we are unable to understand the problem, like what and why they are happening. So the first and foremost thing to work on is to recognize the issue, instead dwelling on them.

Once you understand the root cause of why you are feeling blue, either talk to your friend or write it in a diary. Releasing those opposed feelings will give you immense happiness. Once you are done with writing in your diary, now drag your attention to something positive and try to solve them one by one.

5. A Shower

A Shower

Self-care is important and the last method that can help you to uplift your mood in a minute is to take a shower. When we are sad, groggy or depressed the best thing you can do is stand under a shower and let the water sprinkle on you.

Don’t go for hot, instead try a cold shower. Why? It’s because it activates the beta endorphins and noradrenaline that is caused by the sympathetic nervous system that triggers positive feelings. Additionally, if we talk about our skin, it has a bunch of cold receptors and cold water sends electrical signals to our brain that offers mood boosting effects.

Jump in for a shower and know the difference!

Which Will Be Your Take?

Hey mate! I hope you like this article and have already been looking forward to it to light up your mood. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this blog in the comment section below. We are here to help you!

“Only You Can Change Your Life, No One Else Would Do It For You”

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