Are You Being Gaslighted? Try These Ways To Deal With Gaslighting

“You’re imagining things on your own!” “You are crazy; this is not what exactly happened!” “Why are you so sensitive? I was just only kidding!” “You have no idea what you are ...

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Emotional Dependency: How to Recognize and Overcome Through it

Having emotional support in your relationship is a good and beneficial thing. But, when this emotional support increases so much to an extent… do you enjoy the relationship! When life knocks you dow...

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Reactive v/s Proactive: Why Choose Proactive & How To Be One?

“Proactive people carry their own weather with them.” This quote is certainly very true because proactive prepares you for the future already. Ok, let me not confuse you right here and start ...

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Expectation v/s Reality: Is The Stress Robbing Your Happiness?

Living in a society full of expectations could be very stressful where people want us to be flawless in our work, act flawlessly with our partners, perform parental duties without a fail or act rightl...

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Overcoming Obsession? Must Read For Those Trying To Overcome An Obsession

“I met him/her through a dating app, it just felt so great. I cannot stop thinking about him/her, since the day we have started talking with each other. In the beginning, it felt like a real connect...

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5 Psychological Theories of Love and Romance

Ever thought about why we all fall in love. What about those attractions that we feel in our tummy sadly for a short period. Ever thought about why talking to only one person is so important. And why ...

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Laughter Yoga: What Is It & Why Is It Is Good For You

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine” but have you ever tried this medicine? The whole - throwing your head back, eyes tearing up - laughter can feel good. But were you awa...

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The Importance Of Optimism In Your Life | What Are Its Benefits

“Think positive” and “be optimistic” - we’ve all heard these words before when we are going through tough times but have you ever wondered why thinking positive and being optimistic is impor...

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60+ Positive Phrases To Encourage Your Child | Because Your Words Matter

If you ever ask me about the world’s most difficult yet the most beautiful job my answer will always remain the same- Parenting! Beautiful because you are coloring a blank canvas, giving life to it....

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