An Overview Of Platonic Relationship

As the name goes, platonic relationships are simple and quite peaceful. If you share a close bond with someone and do not have a sexual relationship or intimacy, this will refer to as a platonic relat...

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I Don’t Feel Like Myself, What Should I do About This?

Everyone has a different story and everyone’s experience towards struggle and other problems are different. We all tackle our problems differently, some people take each step after planning meanwhil...

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5 Reasons Why Life Is Complicated: Ways To Stop Complicating It Further

“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius It is true that recent years of pandemic have changed our lives upside down and many of our choices are taken away f...

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The Psychology Of Flow: Increase Engagement And Emotional Regulation

Have you ever felt that moment of ease wherein you were completely observed into something? If you’ve ever come across a moment like this then please note that this state or moment of full concentra...

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How to Have a Positive Mindset Everyday

Somewhere in our lives, we are all trapped mentally because of pessimism. The negative thought which revolves around our mind is not good for both mental and physical health both. Even if we think abo...

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10 Effective Tips For Adjusting To Retirement: Making a Happy Retirement

My father in law just got retired and he seemed quite sad about it. So, I asked him what’s wrong, you’re free now, you can travel, take a rest, and do whatever you want to do. He said that it's al...

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Add These Elements To Your Home To Make It Peaceful

Due to Covid time, we all are living together; we are working at the same place, planning our days at the same place, eating anywhere! This results in a disorganized home that outcomes in stress and a...

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13 Tips To Build Mental Toughness And Break The Barriers Around You

Being mentally tough is a challenge itself, as you must take full responsibility for your actions and be ready to face repercussions, be it positive or negative. From bearing pain to persistence, ment...

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Mastering Your Emotions: 11 Steps On How To Control Your Emotions

Have you ever felt as if your anger was driving you to act on something? Ever felt as if your emotions were controlling you? Do you lose the ability to think rationally when in situations that require...

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