Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Spirituality

We do have a different personality and we do search spirituality in various ways. Research shows that people take the support of spirituality to establish inner peace and happiness.  A few years back...

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10 Simple Ways to let go of Anger and Resentment

Anger and resentment are the two things to avoid. Feelings of anger happening again and not able to control are something that is not good for our mental health and physical health. Sometimes, we vibe...

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45 Ways to Cheer Someone Up When Feeling Sad

Me being an introvert personality, I really do not know how to cheer up someone feeling sad. In the beginning, it was really tough to change the personality. Since I cannot see someone sad. So, I lear...

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How To Have A More Satisfying & Happy Life (Even If You Have Less)

“Be happy with what you have. Be excited with what you want” - Alan Cohen This quote speaks so many volumes to us. Half of it explains that you can stay happy with little details in life while th...

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Comfort Zone: How Stepping Out Of It Is Good For Mental Health?

We all love to stay inside our comfort zone where everything we want comes with minimum efforts. This zone is comfortable, safe and one feels relaxed without being anxious or stressed. However, the co...

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30+ Ways to Calm Your Mind in Less Than 5 Minutes

Our mind is often referred to as “Monkey Mind.” Because just like a monkey it keeps on hopping from one thought to another. While sometimes it lets the creative juices flow other times it creates ...

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30 Ways to Spread Positive Vibes

Julius Erving rightly quoted that: “You can feel the vibes, feel the people pulling for you”. Showing kindness to the people going through a bad day or a bad phase provides inner peace. Radi...

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Benefits of Being Yourself: Take the road of Self-love

I made “being yourself” a priority when I found myself trapped in hectic schedules, responsibilities, and myriad reasons. Being yourself is the kind of self-love we all should have for our happine...

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Is Coronavirus Lockdown Bringing Smiles or Causing Stress in Families?

COVID-19 lockdown has impacted us all in one or the other way. While some of us took it as an opportunity and explored our new hidden talents others faced difficulties to get through this phase. On...

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