What is Dopamine Dressing? How to Embrace Mood-Boosting Trend?

Last Update on February 27, 2024 : Published on March 3, 2022
Dopamine dressing

2023 has just begun and I am already in love with it. You must be wondering why? I remember the time of the pandemic wherein the situation went out of control and this entirely put a hold on our joys and happiness.

I know we are still fighting a deadly virus but along with this, we have somehow learned how to stay connected with our happiness. “The Joy of Dressing” is the new trend.

What is Dopamine Dressing?

The Joy of Dressing = Dopamine Dressing

We connect aesthetically with our outfits which results in the release of dopamine. Dopamine dressing is a new trendsetter wherein everyone is following the trend of dressing in such a way that boosts our mood and brings us joy.

What is Dopamine Dressing

Color psychology has a lot to do with dopamine dressing. We certainly have a psychological connection with some colors (for example bright colors lift up my mood). Talking about the dopamine dressing trend, it is also connected with different fabrics, bright colors, and trendy clothing.

Karen Pine aptly stated in her book named “Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion” that “What we wear affects how we feel so much that it can distort and determine our thoughts and judgments.”

Psychologists refer to such mind-boosting clothing as “enclothed cognition” which shows that we have a symbolic connection with our clothes and it does affect our psychology. Hence, dopamine dressing is all about embracing fun and boosting our mood. This blog covers all you need to know about dopamine dressing.

Dopamine Dressing in a nutshell…

  • Psychologists treat mental health conditions with therapies while psychiatrists depend on medications.
  • Psychiatrists only help treat mental health disorders while psychology is a vast field with different sub-fields in it.
  • Psychiatrists require a medical degree (MBBS and MD) while psychologists require a B.A, M.A, and M.Phil.
  • Psychology can help with behavioral issues while psychiatrists help treat severe neurological and mental health disorders.
  • Psychologists cannot prescribe medications while a psychiatrist

Relation of Colors and Moods with Dopamine Dressing

how Colors and Moods are related

Most of us are intrigued by bright colors; color does show a major impact on our psyche. They help us in healing. Even our ancestors used colorology or chromotherapy as an alternative treatment plan for mental health issues.

Additionally, Reiki practitioners are also adopting this new trend and believe that each color creates an energetic vibration that awakens our energy centers aka chakras of our body. For example, red is used for grounding and safety, while orange is related to creativity and emotions. Similarly, colors have the power of boosting mood vibrantly.

Henri Matisse appropriately quoted…

“The use of expressive colors is felt to be one of the basic elements of the modern mentality, a historical necessity, beyond choice.”

Apart from Reiki, using colors psychologically is a subjective matter and is widely experienced by all of us. Indeed clothing channels our energy and is highly associated with our minds.

2 Rules of Dopamine Dressing

To increase your dopamine levels by just dressing, you will have to follow just two rules, i.e, to dress for yourself and leave your comfort zone.

#Rule 1: Dress for yourself

In the era of the virtual world, let’s just dress for ourselves and not for others. Choose an outfit that makes you happy and not others. While you open your wardrobe and look for the perfect dress, try playing with colors, mix-match your dresses, or try something fusion. The idea is to create positive emotions and not indulge in negative thoughts. Keep aside your worries and focus on being yourself.

#Rule 2: Leave your comfort zone

The main aim behind dopamine dressing is to leave your comfort zone and try something new that makes you happy. Be free to choose your “OOTD” and let that dopamine release in your body. Leave your comfort zone, do not think about others and their thoughts, just be yourself, and try to reflect yourself through your dress.

Take Away from Author (Color Psychology Guide)

Here is a mini color psychology guide for boosting your dopamine dressing experience:

  • Blue: Depth, stability, trust, confidence, calm
  • Red: Passion, energy power, determination, immediacy
  • Green: Growth, calm, nature, balance, safety
  • Yellow: Joy, attention, freshness, energy, optimism
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, success, warmth, creativity, excitement
  • Pink: Sensitive, caring, emotional, love, sexuality
  • Purple: Royal, power, arrogance, luxury, wisdom
  • White: Pure, innocent, luxurious, security, peaceful
  • Black: Bold, power, mystery, elegance, stability

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Let the joy of dressing aka dopamine dressing help you in boosting your mood. I hope this blog helps you to derive happiness according to your fashion style. Comment down and share your views on dopamine dressing.

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Thanks for reading

Keep trying outfits differently and keep radiating positive vibes!

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