The state of being conscious and being aware of the present can be defined as mindfulness. Our posts here will help you find your path towards your mindfulness journey with ease

best manifestation apps

10 Best Manifestation Apps 2024 : Manifest Your Dream Life With These

You want to live your best life, achieve your dreams, meet the love of your…

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555 Meaning Law of Attraction & Manifestation

555 Meaning: Law of Attraction & Manifestation

Have you ever noticed a particular number that keeps catching your eye? It can be…

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Let “Be Mindful; Be Happy” The Mantra for This Year

With the new year marking new beginnings, a common practice followed by many is to…

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Mindful Dating: 6 Tips for Dating Mindfully in 2024

“We’re all pretty unique, in our own way” And because we’re one of a kind,…

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Understanding The 5 Main Aspects of Life And Ways To Balance Life

There are various aspects of life like your physical health, your family and friends, your…

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Finding Calm With The Humming Bee Breath Technique | Benefits, How-to, And More

Our lives are too busy with little time to find moments of peace and calm.…

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How to manifest with angel number

444 Manifestation Technique: Manifest Your Thoughts With Angel Numbers

Have you ever noticed that there are some numbers that we often encounter in our…

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Best Online Tai Chi Classes

Best Online Tai Chi Classes For Beginners To Alternate Therapy & Spiritual Wellness

Tai Chi is known for its gentle and deliberate movements to improve body, mind, and…

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How to Do Body Scan Meditation and Its Benefits

If you have landed here then you are already aware of the benefits of meditation…

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