10 Best Manifestation Apps 2024 : Manifest Your Dream Life With These

Last Update on February 19, 2024 : Published on July 12, 2022
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You want to live your best life, achieve your dreams, meet the love of your life, and be successful but you don’t know where or how to begin? Let me help you!

Living your dream life can be so easy when you know how to manifest your dreams. With crystals, creating your vision board on Pinterest, and even meditation can help you manifest your dreams. You need to learn how to manifest by working smart, not working hard. And you can work smartly by using simple manifestation apps.

Manifestation is the technique of speaking the life of your dreams into the Universe and when you align your goals and dreams with your intentions and believe in them, then you can attract the life you desire. Although, manifesting your dream life can take more than just thoughts. It takes effort and action.

With manifestation apps, you can break your process into small and accessible steps that you can incorporate into your daily life. When you use manifestation apps, you use your smartphone (sans the negative effects) to create the life you desire.

There are many ways in which you can breathe life into your intentions and goals. For example, you can use manifestation journals, meditation, and vision boards but if you’re looking to boost your manifestation process, then these manifestation apps are a must-have!

10 Best Manifestation Apps (2024)

1. Law Of Attraction Toolbox App

Law Of Attraction Toolbox App

Want to manifest on the go? This app is a must-have then! Starting the list of the best manifestation apps, we have the Law Of Attraction Toolbox. This app is packed with tools, exercises, and games that can help you focus, visualize, and raise your vibrations. This best manifestation app features the teaching of the Law of Attraction masters too.

With a rating of 4.8 on the Apple App Store, this best manifestation app is one of the most downloaded apps. The LOA Toolbox features:

  • Money manifestation
  • Scripting
  • Focus wheel
  • Daily Gratitude Diary
  • Thank You Journal
  • Daily Wants List Maker, and more

With tools such as:

  • Meditation timer
  • Daily questions
  • Abraham Hicks inspired 68-second timer

This LOA Toolbox can help kick-start your manifestation journey and is also recommended for beginners. Unfortunately, this app is only available for download for iOS users.

Download For iOS

2. ThinkUp Positive Affirmation App

ThinkUp Positive Affirmation App

An award-winning manifestation app, ThinkUp is the best manifestation app to manifest positivity and self-love in your life. With daily “I am” mantras, you can create your daily affirmations. Practicing daily affirmations can increase your motivation to achieve your goals and that can be achieved with ThinkUp.

ThinkUp app features include:

  • Recording affirmations in your voice
  • Blend in your music
  • Affirmation alarm to boost confidence and motivation

Create effective affirmations with expert guidance

Along with these features, the app also features over 1000 daily affirmations for:

  • Self-Care
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Anxiety & Stress Relief
  • Positive Thinking
  • Daily Motivation & Gratitude
  • Weight-Loss Motivation
  • Self-Confidence & Self Love
  • Mindfulness for Better Sleep

This app may require a subscription fee so it is recommended that you check beforehand before signing up. ThinkUp is free to download for iOS and Android users.

Download For iOS | For Android

3. Empower You: Unlimited Audio

Empower You Unlimited Audio

Empower You by Hay House Inc. is the next manifestation app on our list. With unlimited access to audiobooks, guided meditations, affirmations, visualizations, lectures, podcasts, and more, you can nourish yourself with a click. This app can fit around your busy schedule too. Starting your day? Play a short meditation. Doing dishes? Play the podcast.

This app has everything for everyone. With a subscription fee, you can have unlimited access to every feature in the app. This app also features guides from experts such as:

  • Louise Hay
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Anthony William
  • Iyanla Vanzant
  • Rebecca Campbell
  • Belleruth Naparstek

And more.

With this free-to-download app, prioritize your self-care and development today. This app can be downloaded by iOS and Android users.

Download For iOS | For Android

4. Create & Manifest Dream Goals

Create & Manifest Dream Goals

Want to begin manifesting but don’t know where to start? Well, the next best manifestation app on our list is here to help you. With Create & Manifest, you can create your 30-day challenge to manifest your dream with manifestation techniques approved by experts such as Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Dr. Dispenza, Dr. Joe Vitale, and others.

Some of the manifestation techniques use meditation as a medium while others use manifestation journals.

Create & Manifest is free to download for iOS and Android users.

Download For iOS | For Android

5. Attract: Law of Attraction

Attract Law of Attraction app

A simple and fastest way to manifest the life of your dreams is through Attract. This app’s main features include the 68-second rule of manifestation. With Attract, you can incorporate manifestation practice into your daily life and routine. Attract doesn’t have many features that will confuse you or distract you from your goal. It’s simple.

You can choose your custom reminders and even add separate desires if you have more than one. If you’re a beginner with the law of attraction, then you can use this app as your stepping stone.

You can begin manifesting your dreams and goals today with this free manifestation app. Attract is available for download for iOS and Android users.

Download For iOS | For Android

6. Vision Board

Vision Board

Vision Board is the next manifestation app on our list of best manifestation apps. While the vision board, the manifestation technique is a great way to visualize your dream life and send signals to the Universe, it can also help you manifest your dreams.

With the app, Vision Board, you can:

  • Create your goals using the Bagua Map
  • Upload your goal images and set a title
  • Set a goal deadline
  • Visualize your goals
  • Take a quick screenshot of your goals, and
  • Follow daily affirmations

This app is free to download for all iOS and Android users. You can download this vision board app by clicking the links below.

Download For iOS | For Android

7. I am – Daily affirmations

I am Daily affirmations app

Negative thoughts and being self-critical can also stop you from reaching your goals and manifesting the life of your dreams. Daily Affirmations can help you rewire your brain, increase self-esteem, and change your negative thoughts. With this daily affirmation app, you can empower yourself to achieve your dreams.

You can choose your daily intention from many in the app and even set reminders on when you want to receive them. Positive affirmations can help change your mindset and even make you feel amazing.

Using this free manifestation app, you can strengthen your connection between your conscious and unconscious mind, decrease self-doubt, and learn to focus your energy on manifesting the things you desire.

This app is free to download for iOS and Android users. You can download the ‘I am- Daily Affirmation’ app by clicking the link below.

Download For iOS | For Android

8. Law of Attraction App Manifest

Law of Attraction App Manifest

Want an app that helps you affirm yourself? Want an app that fills your library with positivity? Look no further than the next manifestation app on our list. LOA App Manifest is one of the best manifestation apps to have on your smartphone/tablet.

You can use the manifestation journal app and manifest the LOA. This app also features other manifestation tools such as vision boards, daily affirmations, and even manifestation meditation.

Other features of this app include:

  • Organized Daily practice
  • Categorized positive Affirmations (Money affirmations, Confidence Affirmations, Health
  • affirmations, Wealth Affirmations to attract money)
  • Dream Vision Board for visualization
  • PosiTv, a library of videos and audio
  • Goal review

Manifest anything you want or want to achieve using the LOA – Manifest App. This app can also help you:

  • Make a habit of doing all the practices and make manifestation a part of your lifestyle
  • Easily apply the law of attraction using the many LOA tools
  • Define a prime goal
  • Affirm and attract with positive affirmations

This app is free to download for all iOS and Android users. You can download it by clicking the links below.

Download For iOS | For Android

9. Simple Habit: Meditation

Simple Habit Meditation

One of the top meditation apps, Simple Habit is a must-have if you’re looking for manifestation meditation apps. Simple Habit is free to join and with the many features of this app, you can embark on a life-changing journey.

Simple Habit is a wellness app that also offers guided meditations, daily motivation, guided sleep sessions, and coaching by experts. This app’s features include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Stay motivated with Mindful Minutes
  • Sessions designed for life’s daily problems
  • Coaching content
  • Motivational talks

With this app, you can:

  • Build a meditation habit
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Be happier, more relaxed, and calm

This app is free to download for iOS and Android users. You can download it by clicking the links below.

Download For iOS | For Android

10. The Secret Super App

The Secret Super App

Last but not the least, the best manifestation app on our list is the one inspired by Rhonda Byrne’s, best-selling book, “The Secret”. The Secret Super App is designed to help you change your life and keep you on track every day. This app can help you remove all negative thoughts and boost positive thinking.

Featuring Rhonda Byrne’s favorite practices, this app includes:

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Gratitude Practice
  • Real-Life Stories
  • Daily Inspiration Feed

And more! Together, these features can inspire and motivate you to work towards your dream life and manifest your desires. Attract your dream life with this app. The author of “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne says,

“You are just one thought away from a new life – the life you want. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding you, encouraging you, and inspiring you through The Secret Super App.”

The Secret Super App is free to download for all iOS and Android users. You can download the app by clicking the link below.

Download For iOS | For Android

Final Words:

I hope these best manifestation apps of 2024 will help you begin your manifesting journey. If there is an app that you think we missed, let us know and we will try to include them here.

You can also share your thoughts with us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media. Found this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

Take Care and Keep Manifesting!

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