444 Manifestation Technique: Manifest Your Thoughts With Angel Numbers

Last Update on November 6, 2023 : Published on September 14, 2021
How to manifest with angel number

Have you ever noticed that there are some numbers that we often encounter in our day-to-day lives? What I mean to say here is that we tend to notice some numbers more than other numbers. Have ever wondered why that happens?

Since it is a tendency for the human brain to notice patterns, many people claim that they see the same repeated numbers wherever they go. Whatever they do, these numbers are always present. Examples could be 111, 222, 444, 666, etc.

I for some reason always end up looking at my watch at 11:11 AM/PM. And I am always surprised at how I always end up with this number.

Let’s unfold the mystery of repeated numbers…

What are Angel numbers and what do they mean?

It is very common to notice repeating numbers throughout the day. Most of us have noticed that we use some numbers more often than others. Well, it is the way the universe is trying to tell us something.

Numbers have a lot of power in them. The universe conspires with the numbers to send us a message. Repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444… 999 & 1111 are called angel numbers. There is a high chance you take notice of at least one angle number in your life.

When you do, take it as a sign from the universe. Each number has a specific meaning attached to it. And once you know what the universe is trying to indicate, you can solve your problems easily.

000 might mean that there is a void in your life and someone or something is coming to fill that void in you. 111 means that your desires are manifesting at a good speed. 222 meaning that you are worrying a lot and you should stop that. So on and so forth, each number will have a message for you.

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Today we will be talking about the 444 angel number. If you begin to see 444 quite frequently in your life then it means that the universe is there to guide you. You shouldn’t feel alone because the divine power is with you.

The question here is can we manifest with angel numbers? Well, you definitely can, each number will have a slightly different approach from the other. It depends on what you want to manifest. Different numbers will help you manifest different things.

I will be focusing on the 444 angel number, and its meaning when it comes to manifestation, so let’s see how and what should be done…

What Does 444 Meaning in Manifestation?

What Does 444 Mean In Manifestation

When the number 4 appears in a series, especially in triples such as “444”, then it might signify that you are being given divine assistance. Miracles are written in your favor and all obstacles you’re facing are being lifted. When you see the 444 manifestation number, it’s a reminder that your hard work is paying off and that you’re closer to reaching your goals.

The 444 angel number in manifestation means that you are connected with the angels and are being guided by them to fulfill your desired goals. The 444 manifestation number might also signify love and completeness.

So if you’re seeing the number 444, then it’s a BIG sign from your angels that you’re ready to start manifesting. You have all you need; a solid foundation, divine support, and a dash of Universe magic to help you manifest your dream!

444 Manifestation Technique

444 manifestation technique is mostly done for love and abundance. Both love and abundance can be in any form. Abundance can be in terms of money, fame, phones or anything for that matter. And same goes for love, you can seek love from your partner, parent, friends, etc.

This manifestation technique is considered to be one of the fastest ways to manifest your desires. It is not confined to just love and abundance, you can manifest other things too. But it works best for love and abundance.

44*4 manifestation technique requires you to manifest your desires 44 times a day for 4 days. It is very simple, doable, and quick. Of course, you can do it for a longer period if you wish to.

All you should have with you is a pink or red candle and your affirmation journal with you. White your affirmations 44 times each day. People have claimed to see positive effects after the fourth day.

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Want to give it a try? Here’s what to do…

Steps for 444 Manifestation Technique

Before you begin, make sure that you are in a calm state of mind. Do not do it when you are experiencing an emotional rush. So, calm yourself down before you begin manifesting.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t do it in a rush. Choose a time when you are completely free for at least 20–30 minutes. Now, you can also use colors following your type of affirmations.

You can take a candle or a pen, you can include color to make your affirmation stronger. A red/pink pen or candle can be used while writing down the affirmations. You can also use green if you want to manifest abundance in the form of money.

444 Manifestation Technique

After all that is done, you can begin the process…

Step 1. Focus on your manifestation and form an affirmation accordingly. Try to phrase the affirmation as long as one line only.

E.g. If you wish to manifest an increased spark in your romantic relationship, your affirmation can be “I am thankful that he/she (partner’s name) is surprising me with a romantic dinner tonight”

Here, you need to specify your intention about what you want to manifest. If you don’t specify your intention at this stage, then you’ll be sending mixed thoughts out to the Universe making it confused.

Remember, the more confusing your affirmation/intention, the higher your chance of receiving a negative response. Do be careful (and clear!) about what you want to achieve through your manifestation/affirmation.

Step2. Write down the affirmation in your journal 44 times. Now, the catch here is that you have to write continuously. You cannot stop in the middle.  Once you begin you will stop only when the 44th one is finished.

Now, at this step, you might feel that what you’re doing is a bit excessive (if not obsessive) but remember that the idea of the 444 manifestations is to increase your energy vibrations and make sure that your desire manifests.

To make sure that you don’t miss an entry, set a 10-15 minute timer on your phone and make it a regular journaling exercise so that you are focused on manifesting your dreams and are not interrupted.

Step 3. Continue the procedure for 4 days. Yes, here’s where the 44*4 makes sense, doesn’t it? After writing your affirmations/intentions 44 times in 4 days, you are now in alignment with the Universe and the desire you wish to manifest. This also means that you’re *really* close to your wish being manifested.

All you need to do now is to let go and trust the Universe to deliver on your intentions. Now you need to detach yourself from thinking about the outcome and letting go of the worries that surround your desire. You need to let the Universe do its work. Constantly obsessing over your manifestation might lower your skill to manifest!

So, at this step, just sit back and know that you’ve done your part and now the outcome is in the Universe’s hands.

What to Keep in Mind While Practicing 444 Manifestation

That’s it! There are only three steps in the 444 manifestations that you need to know. But there are a few things that you have to do while manifesting. Firstly, be focused on your affirmations, you should only and only think about your desires while writing them down.

Secondly, recite and visualize it while you are writing. All affirmations should be in the present tense and remember to be grateful and show your gratitude while you write your affirmations.

Once you have completed the four-day ritual you can either discontinue doing it, leave it to the universe or you can continue with it even further. The choice is yours!

444 manifestation technique steps

Once you have manifested your desire the universe is going to give it to you when the time is right. So, leaving it in the universe after completing the ritual one time is perfectly fine. But if you wish to continue, try to keep a gap of 4 days between every ritual.

E.g. 4 days ritual – 4 days gap – 4 days ritual and so on.

That’s all about 44*4 manifestation techniques.

I hope this article helps you manifest all that you desire. Do let me know in the comment section below if the information was helpful.

You can also connect with us at info@calmsage.com or message us on our social media channels!

Take care! Stay safe!

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