Self Care

With our self-care tips, discover and explore the ways on how to care for your mind, body, spirit, social life, and more! 

Friendships How They Enhance Your Life & Improve Your Health

Friendships: How They Enhance Your Life & Improve Your Health

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I…

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Self-Care vs Self-Soothing

Self-Care vs Self-Soothing

Stress is an unpredictable reaction to a situation that makes us feel anxious and worried.…

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Mindful photography

Mindful Photography: The Potential Channel To Maintain Peace & Calm

“I love photography. I love imagery. I love what I do.”--Don McCulin  Mindfulness is not…

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Alone Time vs Loneliness-How To Spend Time With Yourself

Alone Time v/s Loneliness: How To Spend Time With Yourself

Being alone is a state of living while being lonely is an emotional and psychological…

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How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety? Top 10 Ways To De-stress!

Feeling Stressed or anxious is very common these days. The basic of relieving stress aims…

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how to improve your self-control

How to Improve Your Self-control?

The capability to avoid mess and undesirable behaviors from others or yourself is self-control. In…

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Essential oils for instant stress relief

6 Essential Oils for Instant Stress Relief

No matter what if we go to the office daily or work remotely…our schedules are…

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10 Bad Habits You Need to Avoid to Live a Positive Life

What keeps you unhappy… stuck… what stops you from living a happy life… what makes…

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Why Self-Hatred Is Not Healthy

Why Self-Hatred Is Not Healthy | How To Stop It

Criticism is a part of our nature as human beings. Self-criticism can be healthy and…

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