Self Care

With our self-care tips, discover and explore the ways on how to care for your mind, body, spirit, social life, and more! 

Self-monitoring for eating disorders

How To Self-Monitor For The Effective Treatment of Eating Disorders

To begin with, self-monitoring includes tracking symptoms, experiences, and behaviors over time so that one…

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How to Find Your Purpose of Life

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the very common cosmic question; “What is the…

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Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

7 Types of Rest That You and Your Body Needs Right Now

When you hear the word “REST” what are the first few things that are likely…

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Best Self Care Ideas for a Healthy Mind Body & Soul

You might have heard this phrase a lot, “Mental health is equally as important as…

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Types Of Self-Care

Are You Practicing All Types Of Self-Care? Time To Focus On SELF

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you hear the…

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How to deal with breakup

How to Deal With a Breakup? 7 Healthy Ways to Get Over It

Let us start by acknowledging the fact that breakups do hurt! But at the same…

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Conscious escapism

Conscious Escapism: The Much-Needed Break From Spiritual Journey

From celebrities, world-renowned scholars, scientists to the common man; spiritualism has shown a path to…

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How to Be More Thoughtful in Life

8 Ways to Become More Thoughtful in Life

"In a world full of noise and distractions, thoughtfulness is the quiet revolution that can…

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Impostor syndrome- Symptoms & Treatment

Impostor Syndrome : Characteristics & Coping Strategies

Impostor syndrome, also written as imposter syndrome, is a psychological condition where one doubts their…

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