Self Care

With our self-care tips, discover and explore the ways on how to care for your mind, body, spirit, social life, and more! 


How Hiking Could Help Cope With Anxiety & Depression?

When people are battling with depression and anxiety, I understand the tough phase, difficulties in…

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Personal Development Goals to Achieve Desired Objectives

You know “‘it’s never too late” to change your innovation habits. Sounds familiar? Of course!…

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Benefits of being yourself

Benefits of Being Yourself: Take the road of Self-love

I made “being yourself” a priority when I found myself trapped in hectic schedules, responsibilities,…

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Types Of Self-Care

Are You Practicing All Types Of Self-Care? Time To Focus On SELF

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you hear the…

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Understanding The Role Of Sleep On Your Health

A known fact to all of us is that an adult requires 7-8 hours of…

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How to deal with breakup

How to Deal With a Breakup? 7 Healthy Ways to Get Over It

Let us start by acknowledging the fact that breakups do hurt! But at the same…

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4 Yoga Poses to Improve your Breathing Capacity

Increasing pollution, work stress, office hours and decreasing consciousness towards the body, has aroused many…

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Learn the Art of Chakra Balancing and Embrace Happiness

The concept of chakras originated from spiritual traditions in the Eastern region of the world.…

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how to stop a liar immediately

How To Spot A Liar Within Seconds?

Do you want to grasp the art where you can spot a liar within a…

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