7 Habits That Causes Low Self-esteem (Watch Out) | Ways To Overcome Them

Last Update on August 25, 2021 : Published on December 23, 2020
7 Habits That Causes Low Self-esteem

“A change in bad habits; leads to a change in life”

We often disregard the role of our habits in our lives. While in reality our habits have a big influence on our emotions, thoughts, behaviour, development, and even on our self-esteem! Yes, our habits clearly reflect our self-esteem! In fact there some habits have been identified as habits of people with low self-esteem.

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As These habits dig down our self-esteem and hinder our way in owning what we got! So, how about identifying these habits, kicking them out of our lives, and improving self-esteem?

Sounds like a plan! Time to embrace your inner strengths!

Habits That Lead To Low Self-esteem

Low Self-esteem Habit 1: Comparison

Do you often find yourself comparing yourself with others around you in real life or even in virtual life? If you nod with a yes then you stop doing it right away as comparison and poor self-esteem are closely related. If you ask me to define what comparison is, I have to say that is a self-inflicting violent act towards oneself that brings in negativity in our lives.

When we go down the line of comparison we just focus on the destination of others, completely disregarding their journey. Allured by what the other person has we end up self-sabotaging, feeling insufficient, and lowering our self-esteem.

How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

Don’t compare your journey or destination with that of others. Maybe your path is different from theirs, so keep giving your efforts till you reach the goal. You can also chant some mantras that promise to overcome low self-esteem which stems from comparison.

This includes mantra-like:

  • I choose to live in my truth and power and not be consumed by what I am not.
  • Everything is working for my improvement, my development, and my good.

Low Self-esteem Habit 2: Unhealthy Routines

Your daily routine speaks volumes about you, your life, and the way you perceive your self-esteem. Especially, it is how you start your day that makes the big difference as a positive start to the day guides your daily activities, which in turn, marks the quality of your life. Your routine is a powerful tool that will give your self-esteem a boost, as it gives you a sense of accomplishment and meaning in your life.

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How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

To remove negative routine and lift your self-esteem you have to keep three important points:

1. You have to get out of your comfort zone (because growth starts beyond it).

2. Remember to change your bad habits to good ones you have to abide by the 21/90 rule.

3. The path of a good routine and negative routine is parted by just one single thing- Choices that you make. If you make a choice to get up, get out of bed, and start by making a to-do list, instead of waking up and being glued to your phone, you opt for a positive routine.

Low Self-esteem Habit 3: Quest for Perfection

People with low self-esteem don’t seem to practice self-compassion, they practice the opposite of it, that is, perfectionism. As a result of which no matter how well you are doing in your life, you will always think that it is not enough. You are always looking for perfection because you want to be liked by others around you and assume that it is only through perfectionism you can achieve goals. On the contrary, perfectionism ends up setting too high expectations from self, which, if not fulfilled, lowers self-esteem.

How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

To kick off this low self-esteem habit it is advised that you accept the fact that success does not come without mistakes. Embrace the imperfections and allow yourself to create a mess, just never stop learning from whatever you do. Plus, set the bar less high for yourself, so that your goals can be accomplished and you end up boosting your self-esteem.

Low Self-esteem Habit 4: Procrastination

The unhealthy habit of procrastination can bring your morale and self-esteem down. Due to procrastination, an individual often ends up missing important deadlines and finishing a given task. The consequences of the same can hit us back (like a boomerang) in terms of being scolded, feeling insecure, doubting your abilities, and a sense of fulfillment.

How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

To break this cycle of procrastination, be deliberate and take action (even small ones) when you have time for it. You can always give yourself a little pump by getting easy things done first. Eventually, you will see yourself ticking the tasks one by one and lifting your self-esteem.

Low Self-esteem Habit 5: Not Forgiving Yourself

We all make some or other mistakes in our lives. While some of us forgive ourselves and learn from our mistakes, others choose to take the pain on our shoulders and travel around with it. While the former has high self-esteem, the laters are likely to ruin their self-esteem. If you, also let, your mistakes weigh you down, then it is advisable to practice self-forgiveness . It is only then you can overcome low self-esteem.

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How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

Think of mistakes as a learning point in your life. It is when you learn to leave the pain from the past behind that you move towards pursuit of happiness. Plus, you can watch our full webinar on self-forgiveness here.

Low Self-esteem Habit 6: Seeking Approval From Others

Do you ask several people before making the final decision as you are not sure and confident enough with your decision? This trailing around for validation can be helpful to an extent but building an addiction for the same can take a toll on our happiness and self-esteem.

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How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

The first step to stop seeking approval and improve self-esteem is by building internal validation. Internal validation can be achieved by:

  • Acknowledging and accepting your shortcomings.
  • Apologizing to yourself and forgiving yourself.
  • Reflect and hold on to the beliefs that you have for yourself.
  • Instead of looking for what makes you self-sabotage yourself, look for what motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

Low Self-esteem Habit 7: Lack of Authenticity

You are always concerned about what other people think of you and stop paying attention to what you think of yourself. The ultimate path of happiness is being liked by others, even at the cost of your boundaries. You are always ignoring your intuition as you are preoccupied with internalizing others’ perceptions of you. This lack of authenticity ends up hampering your self-esteem.

How To Improve Self-esteem By Kicking Off this Habit?

To bring out your authentic self and to stop following the crowd, it is suggested that you build confidence in yourself. Also, check for imposter syndrome here and replace it with your innate worth. Never stop telling yourself you belong here, and the world needs your unique voice.

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Now you are set to lift your self-esteem by breaking these bad habits. It is time for you to identify these low self-esteem habits in your life and practice the strategies to improve self-esteem.

Can you relate to any of these low self-esteem habits? If yes, then share it with us in the comments section, along with your plan of action to kick it out from your life.

P.S: You are the magic that you need! Keep reminding yourself the same.

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