Movement Meditation: Hang Out With Your Inner Universe

If you are a regular reader at Calm Sage, you must be aware that we keep on exploring various types of meditation. In today’s blog, I have discovered a new meditation style named movement meditation...

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Zen Meditation: What Is It, Benefits, Techniques, And More

To all the meditation lovers in the house, cheer up because, in this blog, I have got an interesting meditation technique from Buddhist psychology. It’s quite old but the efficacy of this meditation...

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Qigong For Beginners: Meditation Techniques, Benefits, How To Practice & More!

An ancient Chinese healing technique, Qigong or Chi Kung meditation is when you combine controlled breathing, deliberate and gentle movements with meditation to improve your physical, spiritual, and m...

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Meditation v/s Breathwork: What’s The Difference?

Meditation has a wide spectrum. We term anything that is related to calm ourselves down as meditation. We should understand that it’s not the case. Meditation can be combined with various other calm...

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5 Quick & Simple Meditation Techniques To Help You Calm Your Mind

“Mediation is not spacing out or running away. In fact, it is being totally honest with ourselves” – Kathleen McDonald Many people believe that meditating means running away from the negative a...

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Practicing The 3-6-5 Meditative Breathing Method For Better Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy these days? Do you find yourself counting sheep for hours before you fall asleep? You are not alone! Sleep these days has become elusive given the increase in stress. It’s...

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Meditating With A Glass of Water: Manifest Your Dreams and Let Go Of Pain

When you hear the word water, you are either going to imagine a large water body or a glass filled with it. Oh no! I didn’t read your mind! These are the obvious answers. We either connect water wit...

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Guided Meditation For Overthinking: 7 Tips For Meditating When You’re An Overthinker

Does your mind never seem to turn off? Do you constantly overthink things when you’re trying to relax? You aren’t alone. Overthinking is common and in this blog, I’m going to help you explore gu...

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How to Do Body Scan Meditation and Its Benefits

If you have landed here then you are already aware of the benefits of meditation but confused about which one to go for. One such practice is Body Scan Meditation. For some, This may be a new term. So...

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