7 Common Meditation Mistakes That You Need To Avoid Now

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on October 10, 2020
Common meditation mistakes

When you learn about meditation techniques and types of meditation, it is common to get confused and perform mistakes during the practice. However, if you rectify these common meditation mistakes now, you will be able to benefit from it sooner and enjoy an enlightened life. So, if you are thinking that meditation doesn’t work or it’s not a cup of my tea, just wait and find out if something is wrong at our ends.

Benefits Of Meditation At A Glance:

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved self-awareness and self esteem
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Stress free life or ability to manage stress improves
  • Helpful in coping depression and anxiety
  • Overcome addictions in life
  • Controls chronic pain or fatigue
  • Reconnect you with peace and inner happiness
  • Promotes personal growth and alleviates self confidence

Physical Benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure and reduce physical tension
  • Slows down aging process
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Keeps us recharged all day long
  • Removes psychosomatic disorders

Now if you are not able to benefit yourself through any meditation technique then here are the mistakes that need to be rectified and removed.

Common Meditation Mistakes:

Common Meditation Mistakes

1. Taking Shortcuts

It is true that meditation can be practiced anywhere and anytime, be it walking mindfully or sipping a cup of tea in your garden but not giving formal time to it could be a huge mistake. A formal posture and lending specific time to your meditation practice enhances confidence and deepens over a span of time.

So even if you are very busy with your work, make sure that you find an hour’s time in a week to practice formally. In fact, try to extend your time for about 15 minutes every month and boost your motivation more than ever.

2. You Expect Too Soon

After learning about the meditation benefits, you may want to reap the fruits at the earliest but what you are expecting will take time. For example, there is a difference between stuffing your stomach with food and savoring the dishes slowly, your meditation practice also needs to be enjoyed and savored.

Once you begin to enjoy the process of being calmer, gentler and kind during meditation, you want to have more of it. Then comes the time when you understand that meditation is good for overall well-being and must continue to practice for life. Expecting too soon is one of the most common mistakes by many people.

3. Not Preparing Enough Before The Practice

Unless you are not mentally and physically prepared to start the meditation, you will not be able to benefit from the practice. Take 2-3 minutes before settling yourself, take deep breaths that eventually calms you and decide your intention. As you feel you are ready to begin, allow yourself to get into the meditation zone.

If such meditation precautions are not taken, it ultimately cuts down the benefits and you rather feel like wasting your time.

4. Hopping Between Different Techniques

When you decide to meditate, it is obvious that you wish to try different techniques and you must do so in the first few months. But it is necessary that you stick with one meditation technique after making a decision. Every individual has a different perspective, some wish to concentrate on breath while some like to focus on mantras.

It is up to you which type of meditation practice is most suitable and then stick around it for long term benefits.

5. Using Too Many Props

Props are undoubtedly good to increase your concentration but relying on it too much is never going to help in focusing. It just simply distracts you from your aim. For example, you rely on candles, pillow, sacred water, a guide or beads to start the meditation. But some people are not able to practice if they don’t find these props around.

It is better to focus with minimum props and more mindfulness. Maybe, you can try meditating in a dimly lit room or simply on your terrace garden. The whole agenda is to learn about yourself and grow within. Let’s not rely solely on the props.

6. Criticizing Yourself If Distracted

Remember that it is very common to get distracted from your path when meditating. Some people take months to follow the practice properly whereas some can take years too. It is better to not be harsh on yourself because if you do, you are taking a step away from your progress.

Instead, you should be glad about practicing meditation. If you realize that you are wrong somewhere, work on it and learn how to get back your attention.

7. Not Expanding The Practice

Let’s just say that you are a regular practitioner of meditation now and you are harnessing its benefits to your greatest potential. But if you are not broadening your aspects or learning something new from it every day, you may ultimately stop practicing it someday. This time, you can try to be mindful not just when sitting in peace but also when you are working on a laptop or running in the park. Expand your horizons and explore the deepest trenches of mindfulness.


Keep Going, You Are Doing Good!

Integrating meditation in your daily routine enriches you within, trains your mind and makes you a better human being. Promise yourself to practice mindfulness every day, rectify the common meditation mistakes and make your career, relationships and life better.

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    Amara Smith

    Using Props make me more focused. Why didn't this idea came earlier in my mind

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    Expecting too soon result into dissatisfaction that won't bring you peace in any way. Thank you for showing us the mirror guys

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    I was taking shortcuts, but your blog clear my all doubts about meditation

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