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Akanksha Soni

Akanksha is an active lifestyle blogger and writer at Calmsage. She has learnt various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through 'Gurus' as well as own experiences. An ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, she keeps traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive.

Couples therapy exercises at home

Top 9 Couples Therapy Exercises To Try At Home

Couples can visit a therapist anytime and at any age in order to keep their relationship alive and save it from falling apart. But healthy relationships are those...
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Top social issues that teens face today

Top 8 Social Issues Teens Struggle With Today

The most sensitive age to mould a personality lies in between 13 to 19 years. This age is already awkward with overwhelming struggles but intrusion of technology and...
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How to tell your parents you need therapy

How To Tell Your Parents You Need Therapy?

Social stigma and cultural differences influence views of ourselves as well as our parents. But remember that your emotional and mental health is much more important than anything...
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How to support a partner with depression

How to Help Your Partner Deal with Depression?

A healthy relationship means being there for each other, no matter what. However, when you deal with a spouse or partner with depression, it carries out mixed emotions...
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Books That Make You Feel Less Lonely

9 Books That Make You Feel Less Lonely (& More Happy)

“Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.” Books have always been a loyal friend with which you can...
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Improve Your Intellect with Super thinking ideas

Super Thinking Ideas For Brain Toolbox: Improve Your Intellect

Each of us go through peculiar phases in life where equipping with tools of decision making, conflict resolution, shortcuts and frameworks are required. However, if we are not...
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Psychology Based Self-regulation Techniques

15 Psychology Based Self-Regulation Techniques For Adults & Children

You get up every morning with an alarm beep, sweat some carbs off, prepare a healthy breakfast and reach your workplace on time. How do you do it?...
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Chronic insomnia

What Is Chronic Insomnia & How To Treat It For Peaceful Sleep?

Are you spending your nights staring at the ceiling, thinking about past life experiences and struggling to fall asleep? Don’t worry, if this is the case as a...
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How to reboot your life when it seems boring

How To Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring?

Despite living a good lifestyle and associated luxuries, we all can face challenges in our everyday routine. From emotional maturing, retirement, taking care of kids or spending time...
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Analysis paralysis

Analysis Paralysis: Is It A Barrier In Making Decisions?

If you dissect the term Analysis Paralysis, you may notice the fact that ‘too much analysis leads to paralysis’. Now you must be thinking how come? Understand this:...
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