Different Types Of Meditation Technique and How to Practice?

Last Update on November 12, 2021 : Published on June 24, 2020
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A lot of people might have told you that you should practice meditation or have explained the benefits of meditation. But honestly, if I were in your place, I would rather seek a guide. When I started learning about types of meditation Techniques along with their ancient connection, I was surprised to see the beauty hidden inside all of us.

However, I got worried for those who fail to explore this beauty and are constantly searching for the guide of happiness and success in shallow waters, forgetting that everything is settled inside us! Yes, dear.

As I understand the different types of meditation Practices and am still learning something new about myself every day, I want to present you with this guide with all my heart.

I am sure these learnings about kinds of meditation would surely help you to sail your boat in stormy waters. The shore is near, just keep rowing!

Different Types of Meditation Techniques:

Before I start the list, let me tell you about the two broad types of meditation, namely Focused Attention Meditation (where a person focuses on one object so strong that other distractions move away) and Open Monitoring Meditation (where a person keeps monitoring his feelings, thoughts, etc. and stay open to every possibility around).

So the list that follows will broadly be categorized under the abovementioned streams.

1. Zen Meditation

zen Meditation

Type: Some forms of Focused Attention and some form of Open Monitoring meditation

Known as seated or “Zazen meditation”, it connects itself with ancient Chinese Buddhism tradition. The person sits upright (on the floor or chair) with his back completely straight and the focus on his breaths. When inhaled, he counts 1…2…3…to 10 and reverses it when exhaled. In case you are distracted, the counting starts then and there.

The other part of Zen allows the mind to process all the thoughts that cross their minds without sticking to one or worrying about them. It allows them to enjoy the present moment as much as possible.

2. Yogic Meditation

Type: Some forms of Focused Attention and some form of Open Monitoring meditation

As ‘Yoga’ itself means ‘union’, it is one of the widest and oldest types of meditation practice in the world. It includes postures, breathing exercises, practices like ‘Dhyan’, ‘samadhi’, ‘Dharana’, etc.

Yogic meditation has many divisions within itself including Chakra meditation, Gazing meditation, Kundalini meditation, Kriya Yoga, Sound meditation, Third Eye Meditation, and Tantra.

A. Third Eye Meditation: Focus on the space between both the eyebrows to calm the mind. Usually, the eyes remain closed but the focus is constantly at this point.

B. Kundalini Meditation: It is considered a complex form of meditation as it is meant to energize the base of the spine followed by crucial body centers. IT MUST BE PERFORMED UNDER EXPERT GUIDANCE ONLY.

C. Chakra Meditation: There are seven chakras in the human body and a practitioner focuses on each chakra with a specific mantra. It can also be learned by an expert Guru to bring a balance between body & mind.

D. Sound Meditation: This kind of meditation is practiced with the help of an external calm sound. For example, flute, gongs, bowls or other instruments are played where you focus on these sounds and start listening to your inner voice.

3. Mantra Meditation

mantra Meditation

Type: Focused Attention Meditation

Instead of focusing on the breath or other objects, this type of meditation practice focuses on chanting God’s name with love and compassion. The position demands straight back (without any support) and closed eyes while chanting the name.

It has been followed by many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Taoism. Also called ‘OM Meditation’, OM is one word that many practitioners prefer to chant. However, there is no boundation of the word to be used, it must enhance positive energy and self-confidence within a human being.

4. Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation

Type: Some forms of Focused Attention & clear insights of body sensations

Popularly known as mindfulness meditation, Vipassana meditation begins with straight posture, eyes closed, and focus on breathing to firstly calm the mind. Slowly, the person begins to notice sensations in the body and it keeps changing with every passing moment.

At the same time, one can feel the surroundings like the smell, sound, body pain, itching, etc. but the focus needs to come back where you started.

One may need the help of an expert to perform this type of meditation and achieve inner freedom.

5. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Type: Focused Attention Meditation

One of the most widely practiced meditations, it was started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India & West in the year of 1955. Many celebrities like the Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc. followed him and it gained popularity all around the world later. However, one needs to become a part of this organization to learn Transcendental meditation which includes reciting ‘mantras’ for 15-20 minutes twice a day while sitting in an upright position.

6. Loving-Kindness Meditation

Type: Focused Attention Meditation

This is a very beautiful type of meditation practice as it starts with loving yourself, the love shifts for closed ones, shifts to someone for whom you feel nothing about, someone whom you don’t like, and lastly for everyone around you. Your thoughts and vibrations are so powerful that you feel happy and calm for everyone around you, whether they mean something to you or not.

Moreover, it is so easy to perform Loving Kindness meditation. Just go through the guide and start practicing today.

7. Body Scan Meditation

Type: Focused Attention Meditation

When we forget what our body is doing and the mind is traveling in a different world, this type of meditation syncs the two together. Body scan meditation settles the mindfulness of our bodies and helps in relaxing different areas one by one. It can be done in various time durations and this body scan meditation guide is meant for the same.

8. Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation

Type: Open Monitoring Meditation

While you walk in the park or a busy street, your meditation practice stays with you. Walking meditation is related to the mindfulness of your body, surroundings with details of what you see or smell essential. All you have to do is stay aware of your body movements and enjoy the walk without letting the mind wander in a different world.

Which Type Of Meditation Technique Is Meant For Me?

One thing is clear, meditation is one of the best ways to keep your mind active, improve focus, and increase acceptance. However, its regular use only provides you with long-term benefits. One can practice meditation twice a day or once a week, it depends on the person only. Yet we recommend it to bring in your habit and follow it as a routine or discipline for a few days. I am sure that you will feel like practicing it every day.

Now comes to the question, you can start with the simplest forms of meditation like Zen meditation or Movement meditation. Once you start achieving mindfulness, Body Scan Meditation and Loving Kindness meditation could be followed.

If you really want to indulge deep in the exercises and are willing to explore various retreats, go ahead with Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana meditation, and Transcendental meditation. Start today and take baby steps towards self-discovery.

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    Nice blog. Can you tell me the best way to continue the meditation?

    1. Akanksha Soni
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      Yes, Akriti. Make sure you take out 10 minutes each day by either setting reminder on your phone or posting a sticky note on the wall. There is no specific time for practicing meditation, you need to be mentally prepared for it.

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    Thanks for the post but what do you think about sleep meditation???? is this kind of meditation

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