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Last Update on November 30, 2022 : Published on September 19, 2020
step guide to make a Zentangle

If you are planning to learn something to distract yourself from your worries then we have got a perfect idea for you.

How about learning a skill that is:

Sounds nothing less than a perfect skill to learn! Doesn’t it?

Well, we have one such art-based habit to suggest you- Zentangle.

What is the Zentangle Method?

Zentangle is a stroke-based art form. It is created on paper which is referred to as “tile.” On that tile, you create tangles (abstract patterns). These patterns can be of any shape S, curvy line, dots, or more.

They are mindful and focused ways of creating pattern designs. Traditionally it is made on a 31/2 X 31/2 tile hence it is called a zentangle.

The best part is that this art-based therapeutic tool doesn’t call for any artistic skill of yours. Be fussy and be free.

Art Supplies for Zentangle:

To practice this therapeutic art-based exercise here are some art supplies that you might need:

  • Plain paper/sheet (square-shaped).
  • Pen (preferably black).
  • colors (optional).

Now that you know what Zentangles are, time to learn the process to apply them to your life.

8-step guide to make a Zentangle:

Step 01 – Gratitude and Appreciation

Sit at a comfortable, take a few deep breaths and let the feelings of gratitude and appreciation swipe in. Feel gratitude for the beautiful paper that you will be using, for the wonderful tools in front of you, and for this chance to create something.

Step 02 – Corner Dots

After filling yourself up with a warm feeling of gratitude we move to the action part. Place your paper right in front of you and mark a light pencil dot in each corner, about a pen’s width from the edges.

Step 03 – Border

Time to make your border. Connect the four dots with a light pencil line. This line can be straight or curvy, the purpose of it is to create a square.

Step 04 – String

Inside the border, draw a light pencil line or lines to make what we call a “string.” The purpose of the string is to separate your tile into sections, in which you will draw your tangles. Again a string can be any shape.

Step 05 – Tangle

Now set yourself and your imagination free because it is time to start with your tangles. Draw your tangles/strokes with a pen inside (usually). Draw your tangles with deliberate strokes. While you draw don’t worry about what it’s going to look like, keep your focus on each stroke of the pen as you make it. Also, feel free to rotate your tile in any direction that is most comfortable for your hand as you draw.

Step 06 – Shade

Now, add shades of gray with a pencil to bring contrast and dimension to your tile. The black and white two-dimensional tangles transform through shading and appear three-dimensional. You can also soften and blend the shade that you add to your tangles.

Step 07 – Initial and Sign

Tadaa! Your art is ready. Just sign it, put your initials on the front. On the back, place your name, date, comments, and observations.

Step 08 – Appreciate

Let us end where we started from- appreciation! Hold your art in your hands. Appreciate what you just created.

P.S. I am proud of you!

Did you enjoy it? Do share your Zentangle with us!

Author’s Zentangle Story

I came across this art therapy exercise during my certificate course along with my friends. My friend was going through a tough phase and would hardly attend the classes. After motivating her for a couple of weeks she finally agreed to come for the class. That day the Zentangle class was organized.

She tried this therapeutic art form and couldn’t believe the kind of relief she got. She then picked it as a skill and a life tool that helped her heal through her tough times. That’s when my belief and practice for Zentangle got stronger. So, I will definitely recommend this practice to you and see positive changes in your life.

Sharing a Zentangle art by my friend with you:

Zentangle art

Books to learn more about Zentangle:

1. One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun (One A Day)

Buy Here.

2. The Great Zentangle Book: Learn to Tangle with 101 Favorite Patterns

Buy Here

Videos on Zentangle:

1. Easy- 20 Zentangle Patterns for Beginners

2. Zentangle for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorial for How to Draw a Zentangle

We hope that you will surely try this new therapeutic habit and enjoy its benefits. After all,

“One Zentangle A Day Keeps All Your Worry Away”


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