Daily Exercises To Boost Energy During Your Busy Schedule

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on March 15, 2020
daily exercise for metnal health

Let me guess, you go to school/college/Office study/work all day and feel tired at the end of it? Tried to do anything else? Am I right? I am. In a recent study conducted, it was found out that around 76% of the workforce in America is tired on most weekdays. Tired to work efficiently throughout the day. All of us want to work hard, give our best and move ahead in the race but if we are not at our maximum potential then how can we beat the competition, right? So today, I am going to share some simple but effective ways and exercises which you can involve in your daily life and improve your lifestyle. Have a look:

Daily exercises you should include:

1. Walk Hard!

If you can’t go to a park, gym or on a run then you should include increased mindful walking in your lifestyle. Walking is one of the simplest exercises that you can do, and it won’t even take special equipment, time, trainer or even a manual. You know it, You have done it and have been doing it for a good amount of time. “Then what should I change?”, you may ask. So all you need to do is to increase more time and steps while walking. Take the stairway rather than lift or escalator whenever possible. It will take some extra minutes but will also give you an opportunity to burn some calories.

2. Track your Progress

Keeping a track of your exercises and progress is a good idea. You can maintain a small notebook to note down your activities and your diet. After every month you will have a record of what you did and how much progress you  made. You can also use fitness wristbands such as Fitbit to track your steps, heart rate, BP etc. It is small and can be easily carried anywhere, so it’s pretty convenient to use. Try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Make a note of your steps in a day and try to increase it by 1000 steps in a time of 2 weeks. Sounds easy? It is.

3. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba?

If your morning schedule consists of yoga, sports, dance or any kind of physical activity classes then you are doing a great job? If not, maybe it’s the best time to start. Take up any physical classes which you have a liking to or is your hobby. Try to not skip it as it will just hinder your progress and motivation. If you choose a hobby to start, then you will have more than one reason to continue and will take out the time needed from your schedule. If you don’t have time for morning routine workout then you can also include small workouts in your daily routine throughout the day. That would be great too. In fact any effort would be great when compared to nothing. So get up and get moving.

4. Pranayama

If you hate being all active in the morning, then you can start with soothing and subtle breathing exercises. In this way you can help your system to wake up slowly with a boost of oxygen. Pranayama not only provides fresh air but also improves stamina, breathing capacity and much more. You can read more about Pranayama in the link below.

Exercising is a must. You cannot avoid that, and you should not avoid that. So if you are facing issues in your busy schedule to make time for some then you need to find small pockets of time in your routine to do the exercise. A still body becomes prone to diseases. So get moving. Daily exercises not only improve health but also enhances mood levels, quality of sleep, hormones and what not. The benefits are many and all are great, but you need to start, you need to move, otherwise all the knowledge without action is a waste.

Hope it helped. How do you manage your time? How do you stay fit? Do let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear it from you.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Akshita

    Adding these in my list from today onwards.

  2. Shank

    yoga and pranayama is always boosting energy

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