EQ vs. IQ: Which Skill Is More Important And Why?

Last Update on September 16, 2022 : Published on September 18, 2022
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Ever since I was a child, I’ve been told how important it is to increase my IQ or intelligence quotient but why was I never taught or told how important it is to develop EQ? EQ or emotional quotient is something we never quite paid attention to and that’s the one skill we are found wanting.

We’re told that to succeed in life, you need to be book smart but what about being street smart? Does it not matter in the journey called life?

To fare well in life, many people believe that you need IQ but there’s another group of people who believe that you also need to have EQ if you want to succeed in all aspects of your life. So, that begs the question; Is EQ better than IQ? Why?

This question has plagued my mind for years and to clear confusion among many, I’ll be discussing the difference between EQ and IQ in this blog. The importance of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence and why EQ is better than IQ.

Let’s take a look!

EQ vs. IQ: What Are These Skills?


EQ or emotional quotient can be defined as the ability to understand and be fully aware of one’s emotions and feelings. It means you know your emotions, understand how it influences your behavior, and control your emotions whenever needed, effectively. Emotional intelligence can help you connect with your emotions and make decisions while keeping emotions in check.

IQ or intelligence quotient, on the other hand, is your general ability to understand reasoning and solve problems. Intellectual intelligence is your mental ability and can encompass different aspects such as verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, cognitive awareness, pattern recognition, etc.

It is believed that EQ is better than IQ. Psychologists suggest that there are multiple intelligences that we need to succeed in life. Instead of focusing on general intelligence, it is believed that focusing on the ability to understand, perceive, and express emotions also play a great role in how you do in life.

EQ vs. IQ: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Emotional intelligence vs. Intellectual intelligence: what’s the difference? Well, there are several differences between the two, starting with how they are measured. IQ is a number that is derived after a standardized intelligence test. The IQ scores are calculated by dividing your mental age by your chronological age and then multiplying it by 100.

For example, a teenager with a chronological age of 20 with a mental age of 25 years old would have an IQ of 125. IQ encompasses your abilities such as:

  • Visual and spatial processing
  • General knowledge
  • Logical reasoning
  • Working memory and short-term memory
  • Quantitative reasoning, and more

Emotional intelligence or EQ refers to the ability to see, control, understand, and express your emotions. EQ, in today’s time, is one of the hot topics in industries from business to healthcare. EQ encompasses your abilities such as:

  • Identifying emotions
  • Evaluating others’ feelings
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Perceiving others’ feelings
  • Using emotions for social communication
  • Connecting with others or being empathetic

From an unknown term to one of the widely used terms, emotional intelligence (EQ) can be developed and boosted either with the help of counselors, classes, or self-developed skills.

Is EQ Better Than IQ?


With EQ steadily gaining popularity, it begs the question; Is EQ better than IQ? While some time ago, IQ was considered a determining factor in defining the success of a leader, the perception is changing. People with higher IQ scores were automatically assumed to lead a successful life full of achievements but now researchers debate how much of that intelligence was genetic and how much was a result of nature vs. nurture.

Some critics argue that high intelligence does not guarantee success and is also a narrow concept to understand a person’s abilities and knowledge of the world.

IQ, while recognized as an important aspect, is limited to academic accomplishment. People with a higher IQ score tend to perform better in school and are likely to get better-paying jobs. But is it enough?

Today’s researchers recognize that knowing IQ scores might not be enough to determine a person’s overall success in life. Instead, they argue that intelligence can be multiple and can be influenced by many factors including emotions. Many companies have now made it mandatory to test the EQ of their employees as a part of their hiring process, even.

Many studies over the years have found that people with strong leadership skills tend to have higher emotional intelligence scores. This suggests the importance of EQ as an important skill for leaders and managers, alike.

Emotional intelligence can also influence your buying choice as a consumer. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman found that one would rather interact with someone they trust rather than one they do not. Even if they have to make a large purchase decision for an undeserving product.

Can You Improve EQ?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is important and the best part is that you can develop and improve your EQ. According to a study that looked into social and emotional learning programs, it was found that yes, you can develop EQ.

In the same study, 50% of children in the program had better scores and 40% of children showed better performance academically. Being in these programs also assured increased attendance, low disciplinary issues, and reduced suspensions.

Teaching EQ to kids can mean modeling positive behavior, encouraging them to think about others’ feelings, developing empathy skills, and increasing self-awareness.

Success in life depends on many factors, not only on your IQ. Both EQ and IQ; emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence; play a role in your overall success, better health, happiness, and wellness.

Instead of focusing on your cognitive and intellectual skills, it’s time to shift your focus to your emotions and how they can influence your behaviors.

Remember, just like you can develop and work on your intellectual intelligence (IQ), you can work on your emotional intelligence (EQ) and guarantee better social, mental, and emotional success in life.

I hope this article helped you find an answer to why EQ is better than IQ and how it can help. If yes, then let us know in the comments below.

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