Why Am I Always Angry and Irritated for No Reason

Last Update on April 21, 2022 : Published on April 9, 2021
Why I feel angry

Anger all the time and everywhere, not a single sigh of relief!

*Hey that statement is just so relatable!*

If this is how you feel after reading our opening statement then you have just landed at the right place! Because we are going to dig a little deeper to understand why you are angry for no reason and identify what your anger might be hiding.

After all, anger is more than our reaction to a stimulus or event, it is an overt behavior of our covert thoughts. Shh.. no spilling of content here as we shall understand the anger and find the reason behind your “Why am I angry all the time” expression, step by step.

So let us start now!

Is Being Angry Healthy?

Let us begin by addressing the most common debate that centres around one of the most strong emotions we experience-  Anger! The point of debate being- Is Anger Healthy or Unhealthy!

I will answer it by saying it depends, as anger is a coin with two sides, healthy and unhealthy. We can explore both of these phases of anger.

Healthy Anger: It is completely normal and healthy to feel angry from time to time as your survival response to any given situation. When anger is on the healthy side it tells us that we need to take action. The energy accompanying the feeling of anger motivates us and strengthens us to act. Thus, being helpful and healthy for us.

Unhealthy Anger: When anger gets out of control causing trouble in our social and personal life, that is when it becomes unhealthy and unhelpful for us. That is when anger instead of supporting our body, starts to work against it by making us feel anxious and giving rise to rage.

Fact check: In a survey, 32% of people said that their close friends and family member have anger issues. Out of this 28% of people were concerned about how angry they feel sometimes.

I Am Angry All The Time

Why Am I So Angry All The Time? 7 Possible Reasons

Now that we have helped you identify whether or not your anger lies in the healthy or unhealthy category, let us now look at the possible reasons that might be underlying it.

1. Powerlessness

Remember how Thor got all red and angry with his powers being taken away! That truly shows feelings of helpness can result in the feeling of anger. And it is not just the loss of powers but also loss of control that makes an individual feel powerless, resulting in anger.

Fixing your anger: You see the power does not lie out there in the hammer, it is right within you. What can be a better way to remind yourself of the same?

So, the trick that will work here is chanting a mantra or positive affirmation to yourself. Now instead of reciting the phrase “I am angry all the time” just take a deep breath and create a positive mantra. You can also check our wallpaper section for the same.

2. Depression

Wait, what is depression doing in this list? Isn’t depression all about being sad and alone? How can it involve anger? Well, that is just a myth centered around depression! Depression also involves not being able to tune up with your emotions, as effectively as you might. This in turn can be a possible cause behind you being angry all the time.

Fixing your anger: Try to navigate your emotions by journaling. Penning down your emotions helps clear the blockage that might be coming in your way to feeling your emotions. Additionally, you can always sit down and have a chit chat with your loved ones.

3. Anxiety

Constant worrisome thoughts and concerns can be a major cause of anger for many people. When we are concerned for our loved ones or anxious about their whereabouts, we might end up being all red in a given situation.

Fixing your anger: The best way to work through this form of anger is to ground yourself in the moment so that anxious thoughts don’t drift you away. Along with this, you can always communicate your concerns and find out a way out for the two of you.

4. Grief

Grief be it any kind of grief (yes, there are types of grief) can be a cause behind you feeling angry. In fact, if you look at the grief cycle, anger is one of the stages in processing a loss.

Anger and grief have a more of a masking relation between them wherein anger is used to mask the true emotions and pain that accompanies grief. Thoughts like the world is just unfair and no one will ever understand how you feel just continues fueling this feeling of being angry all the time.

Fixing your anger: Instead of cutting off ties with your loved ones during these difficult and challenging times, lean onto them. Your social support system. This will ensure that you work with your grief phase healthily instead of masking making it difficult for you to do the same.

5. Trauma

Traumatic and unpleasant life experiences need time to heal. This healing time is not linear and is filled with an individual experiencing various strong emotions. Make a guess which emotion is most prominently experienced here?

Yes, anger it is! The experience and the memories associated with it are found to result in episodes of frustration and frequent anger outbursts.

Fixing your anger: Seeking help from professionals is probably the best way to resolve trauma and perhaps coming out of “why am I always angry and irritated” phase of your life.

6. Childhood Experiences

There are two factors related to childhood experiences that can be the cause behind your question- “why am I so angry all the time.” These two factors are:

Childhood events: Being exposed to unhealthy, unsafe, and toxic childhood environments or situations can make it difficult to express rightly as one learns to grow.

Childhood upbringing: The way you have been taught and the patterns you have modeled over time to cope with anger-provoking situations in life, can be a deciding factor on how you deal with anger now.

Fixing your anger: Learning healthy coping mechanisms can help you open channels to express your emotion healthily. However, it is advised that taking help from a counselor or a psychologist can be beneficial for long-term resolution of anger issues.

7. Underlying Mental Health Condition

Anger can be a sign of an individual’s underlying mental health condition. This strong emotion is found to associated with conditions like:

Fixing your anger: Book an appointment with your therapist. They will help you identify not just the priming factors of your anger issues but also the mental health condition associated with it (if any). You can also check our list of best online therapy service providers by clicking on the link here.

How Do I Get Out Of “Feeling Angry All The Time For No Reason” Zone

There are three best ways that can help you deal with your anger and aid you in coming out of the “I am angry all the time” feeling. This includes:

When to Seek Professional Help

Is My Anger Unhealthy

To check whether anger has left a supportive role in your life and has entered in the list of problems of your life, we are sharing some signs with you. If you can relate to most of them, the chances of your anger being unhealthy and problematic are more.

(Hey, be honest with yourself while checking these signs, it is for your own benefit)

  • Your anger has started to impact your relationship with your loved ones.
  • Instead of being in the moment you are always involved in negative thinking and looking for negative experiences.
  • When arguing with others you just continue to get angrier and your anger meter keeps on increasing. This might even result in you being verbally or physically violent towards the other person.
  • You might find yourself feeling hostile, impatient, or irritated quite frequently.
  • The anger you experience at night compel you to perform problematic and impulsive behaviours like driving recklessly or developing substance abuse, to name a few.
  • After having an anger outburst you are likely to have worrisome thoughts and episodes of sad mood.

When to Seek Professional Help

An obvious question that often people with anger issues ask themselves when they need to seek professional help. To get answers of the same here are some indicators for a person who is feeling angry all the time should look for:

  • Your anger is affecting your relationship with others at a personal, social, and professional levels.
  • Your expression of anger often involves destructive and disruptive behavioral patterns.
  • Anger is the most common emotion that you have been experiencing nowadays, Or let us put it this way all your emotions are being masked by anger.
  • You have that realization that anger is doing no good to you and it is deteriorating your physical and mental health.
  • You are showing aggression by shouting, verbally abusing, threatening, or throwing things.
  • Or maybe your anger is more on the internal side where you find yourself self-harming, self-hating, and isolating yourself, quite frequently.
  • The tone that you speak in comes with a sarcasm label attached to it simply denoting aggression through your words.

If any of these statements feel like you are looking at your anger in the mirror (they reflect your anger) then seeking professional help at your earliest is advised. If the anger remains unresolved it can give rise to various mental health conditions by being their primary symptoms.

Difficult Emotions Can Be Overwhelming!

Get Guidance from Professionals now

Were you able to find the answer behind your expression “why am I angry all the time for no reason?” If yes then we would suggest you to apply our fix your anger tip to resolve that particular reason.

Thank you for reading.

Sending you a big warm hug!

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