What’s Righteous Anger And Why Expressing It Can Be Beneficial?

Last Update on May 12, 2021 : Published on September 8, 2020
What’s Righteous Anger And Why Expressing It Can Be Beneficial

People look for ways to let go of their anger and stay positive but is it okay to let go of emotion as strong as anger? Anger is often looked at as a toxic and negative emotion that we need to let go but why? Anger is related to a rapid rise in hypertension and violence. With people with mental wellbeing conditions, there is an even greater risk of suicide and self-harm.

Our society is no better. We are often taught to let go of the emotion and find inner peace. We are told that anger doesn’t solve anything and it is our biggest enemy. Anger is often condemned as a weak emotion and we are taught to control it.

Anger is an emotion, one that is threat-activated. It is created when a threat triggers the mind to act out and defend. The flow of adrenaline and cortisol in the bloodstream can risk a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, and tensing of muscle tissues.

Emotions are a huge factor in brain stimulation. Fear warns us about hazards, grief tells us to get help, and pleasure tells us that we must do what feels good. Why is anger any different? Anger tells us that we have to act.

When we feel angry, it is our mind’s approach to preserving and protecting us. Bottling up anger is linked to coronary heart disease. Anger is a secondary emotion that stems from concern. You mustn’t deny your feelings. Just because anger is considered ‘negative’ doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel it. It is important to allow these feelings to preserve the natural flow of emotions.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reasons Why it’s Okay to be Angry

Reasons Why it’s Okay to be Angry

1. It keeps you safe

Being able to feel anger is as important as surviving. If you deny anger then you may not be able to understand an abusive or unfair situation. If you don’t let out your anger, you may put yourself in danger.

2. It motivates you to take action

Feeling angry about something can act as a catalyst to take action and motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

3. Denying anger can cause pain

Punishing yourself to feel angry can cause addiction, loneliness, and pain as you avoid the feelings. It can lead to self-doubt and self-hatred.

denying anger can cause pain

4. It is the first step in processing deeper emotions

Anger is the first sign to understand that something is wrong. It is a sign that you need to dig deep inside yourself and explore the feeling. Anger helps to release painful emotions and denying that could make you feel empty and depressed.

5. If not processed, it will continue to pester

Denying angry emotions can create a swirl of negative energy in and around you. This could lead to resentment and stress toward yourself and others.

6. Anger is normal

Feeling angry is a normal emotion. Every emotion we feel is important and valid. It is a valuable tool for self-growth. Anger is important just as happiness and joy are.

anger is normal

You need to accept all emotions to function properly. This does not mean that it’s okay to let out anger in a destructive way. Violence is not the correct way to help with letting out anger. What’s right is to allow yourself to experience the emotions and understanding them. Once you understand the feelings, you’ll be able to express them more healthily.

Anger shouldn’t be ignored. The most common trigger for anger is frustration. Ignoring anger isn’t helpful instead it should be identified and examined.

Take your time. Calm down. Think. It is okay to be angry as long as you don’t harm yourself or anyone else in the process. Accepting your emotions, even the negative ones can help lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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  1. Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh

    Is it true that righteous anger is about caring for others as somewhere I read about it that it attacks the sin instead of sinner.

  2. Kerin

    It's OK to be angry when needed.

  3. Amara Smith
    Amara Smith

    but what about our parents or elders says do count 1-100 whenever you are feeling angry and sort of solution to ignore that condition. Its like we are supressing our emotion. Both are contradictory.

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