How Does Agreeableness as a Personality Trait Influence Behavior

Last Update on December 12, 2023 : Published on December 12, 2023
Agreeableness as a Personality Trait

I’ve always wondered; as I’m sure you have too, when you look at some people who seem to have a magic touch when it comes to getting along superbly well with others. I envied these people because how could they be so agreeable without coming off as aggressive or intimidating? I could never. Then, I realized that it isn’t magic, but the art of using their personality traits to their advantage.

Out of the Big Five personality traits, the agreeableness personality trait might be the most confusing one to me. People with agreeable personalities are always the popular ones and make friends easily, and at the same time, they are trustworthy, honest, and modest.

We’ve come to understand that there are five major personality traits, and each trait is on a spectrum. This means that while you might have agreeableness as a dominant personality trait, you still have signs of other four traits that you might see reflected in your personality.

Apart from agreeableness, the other OCEAN traits include; Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism. Today, we’re exploring agreeableness as a personality trait, so buckle up!

Agreeableness as a Personality Trait

Before we go into the in-depth exploration of agreeable personality traits, let’s take a look at where this trait comes from and where it fits in. The Big Five Personality Traits is a model many psychologists use to understand human personality. Agreeableness is one of them and describes someone as friendly, compassionate, and cooperative.

Agreeableness is considered a positive character trait and having this trait is associated with healthy relationships, positive communication, and even conscientiousness. If you have a high agreeableness score, then you approach conflicts with unease, as agreeable people tend to avoid conflicts. However, if you have low agreeableness, then you might even enjoy disagreements and conflicts.

Characteristics of Agreeableness

Here are some telltale and common characteristics of agreeable personalities;

1. Warmth

Agreeable personalities have warm vibes, meaning that they feel comfortable while radiating friendliness and trust.

2. Empathy

Agreeable personalities are also empathetic, which means they can easily step into others’ perspectives and feel others’ pain and joy. This makes them the go-to person for any troubles.

3. Cooperativeness

Agreeableness is also associated with cooperativeness. This means that people with agreeableness as a personality trait are team players and love working together in a group for common goals.

4. Patience

If you’ve ever met someone who seems to have endless amounts of patience, then they might have agreeableness as a personality trait.

5. Tactfulness

Moreover, agreeable personalities have a knack for saying the right things, so you can rest assured that being agreeable means being tactful. Other common characteristics of agreeable personality traits can include;

  • Are kind and considerate
  • Have care for others
  • Have sensitivity for others
  • Are socially smart
  • Are emotionally adept and intelligent
  • Are non-judgmental
  • Like working with others in a team
  • Are good at making friends
  • Are perceptive, and
  • Are emotionally supportive of everyone they meet

How Does Agreeableness Influence Behavior?

Now, let’s get to the behavior and how agreeableness influences one’s behavior. Agreeableness isn’t about warm smiles and kindness. There’s a lot more than just these few traits when it comes to agreeableness.

Agreeable people are not big fans of drama and conflicts. They would rather try to find a common ground than engage in arguments. This acts as a neutral ground for them, as they are the ones you can go to when you need a helping hand or a listening ear. Agreeable personalities are the first in line to offer their support.

Another way agreeableness influences behavior is in the way these people can build burnt bridges. Whether at work or in personal life, agreeable personalities can bring a positive atmosphere to life and mend hurt relationships. They approach interactions with empathy and consider other’s views.

If you score high in agreeableness, then you’re the one who enjoys working in a team. Instead of being manipulative, you’re polite, quietly assertive, and cooperative. You don’t take advantage of others’ weaknesses and act more to help others rather than bring them down.

Another instance of how agreeableness impacts behavior is that agreeable people are kind and would not give in to prejudice. Because of this, agreeable people are not considered aggressive or vengeful. They are caring and would give others their full attention.

If you have a high agreeableness score, then you are more likely to be people-oriented than self-obsessed. You forgive others easily and look for the bright side of things in relationships, experiences, and people.

How to Become More Agreeable?

If you’re feeling inspired to become a little more agreeable in life, then here are some quick tips for you;

1. Practice being empathetic. Take moments of your time to understand the perspective of others. It can go a long way in helping you feel connected with others and help them as well.

2. Practice active listening. Instead of reacting blindly to situations, respond after thinking about it and listening to others. Active listening is a simple act that can help others feel comfortable around you and increase your agreeableness trait a notch.

3. Connect with like-minded people. Surround yourself with people who also score high in agreeableness. It can be a good opportunity to observe and learn from others to develop your own traits.

4. Work with others in harmony. If you find yourself working on a project, then allow room for teamwork. Collaborating with others on a project together can help build your social harmony and increase your agreeableness.

Wrapping Up…

In a world and time when kindness can be rare, agreeableness as a personality trait stands out as an oasis of positivity. Whether it’s about self-awareness or increasing your social skills, try to embrace the positives of agreeableness. Our personality traits can help us understand our role in social interactions, so it’s important to approach life with warmth, empathy, and compassion.

Whether you’re naturally an agreeable person or looking to hone your traits, remember that small changes in behavior can leave a long-lasting impact. Your personality trait might be your weapon to make the world a better place. So, choose well!

Choose warmth, kindness, and teamwork over being egoistic, self-centered, and aloof.

I hope this blog helped you understand agreeableness as a personality trait and how it influences your behavior. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Take Care!

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