“I Need Help!” How To Ask For Emotional Support?

Last Update on March 9, 2023 : Published on March 10, 2023
How To Ask For Emotional Support

No matter how strong you are physically, mentally, and emotionally, there is always a time when you fall short of that strength and need some support. Some people are fortunate enough to have a strong support system but some might have to seek emotional support.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and seeking emotional support. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. There is so much stigma out in the world that some people simply don’t ask for emotional support as they fear judgment from society.

Have you ever confided in someone about your feelings and uncomfortable emotions? Trust me, it feels so relieving to simply talk to someone about your stressful thoughts or distressing and emotionally challenging experiences.

Therefore, emotional support is really important and today we will see how to ask for emotional support from your friends, family, partner, etc.…

“I Need Emotional Support but…”

How To Ask For Emotional Support?

Having some emotional support can take you a long way in stressful situations. With good emotional support, you can face any challenge that life throws at you. Our emotions are a huge part of us and managing them well is important.

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Having some emotional support can not only help you deal with stressful situations but also protect you from damaging thoughts and feelings. Having emotional support from your friends, family, partner, etc. can help you heal faster and return to normal function even after facing an extremely disturbing emotional blow.

If you lack emotional support and don’t know how to ask for emotional support, here’s what you need to do;

1. Ask yourself if and what kind of support you need:

it’s really important to know if you need any emotional support. Sometimes we keep suffering alone because we fail to check in on ourselves. Always remember to ask yourself if you need any help and know what type of support you need

2. Try to lift the barrier that is between you and the support you need:

sometimes there are a lot of feelings, thoughts, inhibitions, and assumptions that act as barriers between you and someone who can give your emotional support. Try to remove those barriers so that you can easily reach out to people when in trouble.

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3. Identify people who can provide you with emotional support:

not everyone can be trusted and not everyone is truly there to help you. Identify those people who you can trust with your emotional vulnerabilities and know for sure that they will give you the support you need.

4. Be assertive and know what you need:

asking for help is easy but you need to be assertive while doing so. Also be very clear about how, when, and what you need their emotional support for. You need them to lend an ear, you need a hug, whatever it is be very clear about it.

5. Always be grateful for the support you have received:

sometimes our emotional support starts fading away when we forget to acknowledge the other person’s efforts. Therefore, always be grateful for the support you have and thank them for all the times they have been there for you.

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6. Be there for your loved ones when they require help:

helping people who have helped you is always the right thing to do. When they stand like a pillar for you in your tough times, it’s only right to be there for them too. And practically speaking, it is also a way to let them know that they can rely on you and will always be there for you too.

7. Repeat these steps:

it is important to practice so that it becomes easy for you to ask for support later in life. Each time you successfully ask for help the better you will feel about it. Every successful attempt will boost your confidence and soon you will be able to ask for emotional support without any hesitation.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about how to ask for emotional support helpful, interesting, and thought-provoking. Asking for support can be difficult for many people, I hope these tips help you learn how to ask for the support you deserve.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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