8 Effective Ways To Deal With A Condescending Partner

Last Update on August 2, 2023 : Published on August 3, 2023
How to Deal with a Condescending Partner

Romantic relationships with a condescending partner are not easy to navigate, as they might look healthy from the surface but inside out it lacks respect! While respect is known to be the basic need of a relationship, condescending partners do not believe in showing respect to their partners! A condescending partner talks down to their partner and makes them feel inferior.

Not only this, but a condescending partner might behave in a certain way that looks dismissive, insulting, or betitling. Gaslighting, name-calling, mansplaining, questioning abilities, and constant interrupting are some of the other signs of a condescending partner.

If you think you might be in a relationship with a condescending partner, read this blog to know how to deal with them effectively.

Signs Your Partner Is Being Condescending Towards You

Below listed are the 15 important signs of a condescending partner:

  1. Your partner thinks of themselves as superior.
  2. Your partner always assumes that they know everything.
  3. Your partner keeps on giving unsolicited advice.
  4. Your partner treats you arrogantly.
  5. Your partner keeps on boasting about their accomplishments.
  6. Your partner name-calls you or belittles you.
  7. Your partner always wants to be the center of attention.
  8. Your partner does not respect your boundaries.
  9. Your partner interrupts you a lot.
  10. Your partner pretends to be concerned about you.
  11. Your partner pats people on the head.
  12. Your partner’s communication style is sarcastic.
  13. Your partner looks unhappy for you.
  14. Your partner treats you as an unintelligent person.
  15. Your partner talks down to you.

8 Effective Ways to Deal with a Condescending Partner

1. Confront your partner and build healthy boundaries

The first ever step to take after spotting a condescending partner is to confront them and let them know your views with respect to their actions. If they agree with their behavior or mistakes, set healthy boundaries to protect your mental health and relationship.

2. Communicate effectively to solve all conflicts

While communicating or confronting your partner, make sure you’re being kind, honest, and compassionate. Maybe your partner’s personality is condescending or maybe they are doing so to protect themselves. Be the first one to understand the dynamics of your relationships and try to diffuse the conflicts effectively.

3. Be compassionate and assertive

During the process, stay calm and try to understand things from a new perspective. You really need to be patient while setting your boundaries. Also, remind them that they always have your back and you’re always there! Sometimes, partners become condescending unconsciously, therefore, understand the situation, and stay calm.

4. Use humor to diffuse the stress

If you guys get back in sync and feelings become mutual, try using humor to diffuse the stress between you two. This will allow some space for love and affection again. Additionally, tell them that you’re not mad at them and let the kindness within you re-ignite some positive energies around!

5. Ask honest questions

While communicating with your partner, ask honest and direct questions so that you can help them understand the problem. Ask directly why they are being weird or condescending towards you. They might understand the problem and think about their behaviors. Additionally, learn to stand up and tell them directly that you do not appreciate sarcastic comments, gaslighting behavior, or being talked down.

6. Try to see things from their outlook

If they start explaining something, try to be kind, listen to their opinion, value their opinion, and be open towards assertiveness. While listening to their insights, try to see things from their perspective.

Even if their explanation looks annoying or belittling, try to understand their situations but at the same time protect your mental health too, don’t take everything so personally, instead move on to the next step.

7. Know when to hold it and when to let it go

Clearly, a relationship is all about building a life together but with respect, boundaries, and kindness. It’s also true that a couple improves each other! However, if during the conversation you feel that they are toxic to you and there will be no sense, learn to let it go.

But at the same time, if you see some improvements coming up, work on yourself too! Have each other’s back and improve each other but also respect each other’s boundaries.

8. Seek professional help

If you or your partner are not able to overcome gaslighting or insulting behavior, you can take the help of couples therapy or individual therapy as well. A therapist might help you overcome the unprocessed trauma.

I hope this blog helps you with signs of a condescending partner and how to deal with a condescending partner.

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