I Feel Like Running Away’: What To Do If You Want To Run Away From Your Life

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I Feel Like Running Away

In the middle of a workday, do you often fantasize about running away from your life, or have you actually ever escaped from life’s challenges, even for a while? Well, having an overwhelming desire to run away is more common than you might realize.

Thinking about running away from life means wanting to escape your current situation to a world where what you desire comes true.

Now, if you feel like running away then there may be many reasons behind it. One, you’re bored or stuck in a rut. Two, you’re craving an adventure or three, you’re overwhelmed with your relationships, job, or your daily routine.

Whatever your reasons, the only solution that looks appealing to you is running away. However, what many people don’t realize (or choose to ignore) is that you can’t literally run away from your problems, after all. The answer to your problems isn’t in escaping to a fantasy world but rather lies in getting to the core of your problem to tackle it effectively.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring why you want to run away, why running away isn’t always a solution, and what to do if you want to run away from your life.

‘Why Do I Feel Like Running Away?’

Why Do I Feel Like Running Away

We all feel the urge to run away when the problems of our daily lives become too overwhelming and out of control. Trust me, at the end of the day, we just want to relax and avoid all problems, if we can. So when things don’t turn out the way we desire, the urge to run away can allow us to temporarily ditch our problems and uncomfortable reality.

Wanting to run away may often look like the best solution to end the discomfort and distress we experience. When running away can offer you freedom from stress, why not choose it, right?

For our brains, it can be tough to detach reality from fantasy so when you fantasize about running away, your brain releases endorphins and other neurotransmitters as if you’ve already lived the fantasy you dreamt.

No one likes being trapped and helpless in a situation and these minor fantasies of running away from your life’s challenges can bring you a sense of control and superiority over your problems.

Why Wanting To Run Away Isn’t A Solution?

Why Wanting To Run Away Isn’t A Solution

For you and me, the idea of running away from life’s problems is just an idea. However, for many people, the thought of running away sounds so appealing that they begin to seriously consider dropping their life, escaping, and starting afresh.

Except for some rare cases, running away for real isn’t a sound idea and can have the opposite effect from what you desire.

Wanting to run away means you’re pressing pause on your problems and it can ultimately ruin your relationship with your partner, friends, and colleagues. Even the relationship you have with yourself.

Relationships are that aspect of our life where we grow because when we’re in trouble, it’s our relationships that offer an opportunity to heal. And our ability to feel safe is a direct reflection of how safe we feel with ourselves.

Escaping your life, dripping everything behind to start afresh isn’t a long-term answer either. Especially when the overwhelming urge to run away is due to boredom or just an overload of emotions. The best solution is to figure out why you feel this way and address the problem at hand.

However, in some circumstances, where you feel physically or emotionally threatened, unsafe, or when your boundaries are disrespected, then running away may make sense.

If you’re in a threatening situation, immediately contact your nearest emergency services. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, then you can connect with any of these helplines:

What To Do If You Want To Run Away?

What To Do If You Want To Run Away

It’s okay to let the fantasy of running away wander around in your mind from time to time. However, it’s not a long-term solution. When you feel an overwhelming desire to run away, you can try these ways:

1. Figure Out Why You’re Feeling This Way

When you feel like running away, the first thing you need to do is figure out what’s causing you to feel this way. Is there a particular reason? Are you overwhelmed with your responsibilities at work? Is it a pattern in your relationships? Are you unhappy with your current situation?

If your answer a yes, then you can consult with a mental health professional. It’s important to address life’s stress as not doing so may cause greater distress and anxiety.

2. Seek Help From Your Loved Ones

Another way to overcome the feeling of wanting to run away can be talking to a loved one. Remember, you’re not alone in your thinking. Seeking help from your loved ones or even a professional counselor can help.

When you move forward even when you’re overwhelmed, it can make you feel out of control and lose the sense of your thoughts and feelings. Talking to a loved one or a professional can help.

4. Take Some Time Away

Sometimes all you need is a time out. If you can take some time away from your daily life – or an afternoon – you can relax without putting yourself and your relationships at risk. Tell me, if you can’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others?

If you feel like running away, you can try to figure out a way to take time out. It’s as simple as being alone in a room and having some breathing space. Go for a walk or a lunch date by yourself.

5. Try To Delegate Your Responsibilities

The desire to run away can come when you feel overwhelmed in life. To avoid this, you can try to delegate some of your responsibilities. When you have some time to just be and enjoy the little moments of life, your desire to run away may not feel as big.

6. Try A New Hobby

Your desire to run away can be out of boredom as well. So if you’re wanting to run away because you’re bored, then trying a new hobby or pursuing a new interest may help. List down the activities you find interesting and work on one at a time.

Learn to play a new instrument, go apple picking, go on a hike, take a road trip with your family or friends, or maybe learn how to sculpt.

Wanting to run away from your life may give you relief but only temporary. Running away is not a long-term solution and may even increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and dread. You can try to figure out the core of your feelings and desire, make some changes in your lifestyle to feel better.

If you often say to yourself, “I feel like running away” then you can try to seek help from your loved ones or even a professional counselor, try something new, or delegate your responsibilities.

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